Monday, September 15, 2014

Jennifer Yost Vaden, Part One

The Martin Chronicles suspected it. We were hoping against hope. But we had that feeling. And we were right. As we have reported, many people have been asking, "who is Jennifer Vaden?"

Well, a picture of who Jennifer Vaden is has begun to take shape. We will tell you that a search of the Kentucky Secretary of State website has revealed some disturbing information about some of Jennifer Vaden's previous "business ventures". But, we will not reveal that information until we have thoroughly worked our sources in Frankfort.

But we do have those dang social network posts. People should be more careful what they write. Why? Because those posts are out there to be found forever.

Here is a social network post written by Jennifer (Yost) Vaden back during the October 2012 removal hearing for Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin: "Ms. Ballman, you are correct!! This is a massive witch hunt!! I am one of the 75% for Mayor Martin!! Brothers and Sisters, this is very problematic with the election now only seven weeks away.

Here's why:
  • Anyone who thinks much of what "Ms. Ballman" says is anything other than a mindless parroting of Martin's paranoid denial of reality betrays an incredible lack of independent judgment.
  • Anyone who thinks that most reasonable people still believe Martin's removal hearing was a "witch hunt" chooses to ignore the fact that the miscreant Martin was CONVICTED ON SEVEN OF NINE COUNTS OF OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT AND NEGLECT OF DUTY. Thankfully outgoing Kenton County Judge Executive Steve Arlinghaus learned the very hard way how electorally dangerous it is to call Martin's rightful conviction a "witch hunt".
  • Anyone who thinks that the mendacious Martin ever had the support of "75%" of Villa Hills' voting public is-to be polite-wacky. The mallet-headed Martin was elected by a razor-thin majority in the sleepy Villa Hills of 2010 by telling a mountain of now-proven lies. His support has done nothing but decline ever since.
There is only one reason the miniature-mullah Martin wasn't swept away in the tidal wave that was 2012. That is? The little bastard wasn't on the ballot.

Does Villa Hills really need an evidently-mindless Martin sycophant like Jennifer (Yost) Vaden on their City Council? The answer isn't "no". The answer is "HELL NO".

49 days and counting.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: Candidate Town Meetings Coming

The Martin Chronicles has learned that the Sensible Citizens group is going to host two town meetings in Villa Madonna Academy's theater. Why? In order to allow residents to see Villa Hills city council and mayoral candidates lay out their plans to restore some semblance of dignity, honesty, integrity and competency to City Government. We applaud the Sensible Citizens group for this important effort.

As we understand it, the ten candidates vying for a seat on the city council will go first, on Tuesday, October 14. That town hall meeting is scheduled to begin at 7PM. The order of the council candidate presentations will be set by a random drawing.

Then-again, as we understand it-the four mayoral candidates will have their opportunity to lay out their vision for the future of Villa Hills on Thursday, October 16. This town hall meeting will also begin at 7PM and the order of the mayoral candidate presentations will also be set by a random drawing.

The Martin Chronicles believes the Sensible Citizens group deserves a great deal of credit for their efforts. They have had to endure the social networking haters' unfair assaults on their validity. Martin and his good old boy goon squad have made an underhanded effort to question the group's motives. But they continue to do what's right.

In just a little more than a mere 49 days, the voters of Villa Hills have some important votes to cast. We certainly hope that a good number of them have finally realized how important their local government truly is to their day-to-day lives. 

We won't know that for sure until they begin counting the ballots on November 4.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

WEEKENDER: Mayoral Campaign News And Notes

The Martin Chronicles staff has been working its many sources as Campaign '14 in malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills begins to pick up the pace. Sunday, September 14 marks V-minus 50 days and counting until the November 4 election.

Irvin Callery has obviously begun to campaign for the mayor's office. He is the first mayoral candidate to begin to place yard signs. So what if they are signs recycled from his Covington campaigns? A yard sign is a yard sign. At least the former Covington mayor and relative newcomer to Villa Hills is campaigning.

We are also hearing that current miscreant Mayor Mike Martin is running in to-to be polite-"strong headwinds" as he hits the campaign trail. Many of the mostly-inattentive folks who thought, "Aw, let's give the little guy a chance" in 2010 have finally come to understand that Martin is completely incapable of telling the truth.

Given the mess the tiny tyrant has made of his first four years, even if the mendacious Martin could tell the truth, the facts don't allow him to:
  • A "confidential" REPRIMAND from the Villa Hills Ethics Board for misuse of City personnel and resources?
  • Four appellate judges tossing out Martin's $1.505 million lawsuit against the taxpayers, opining that Martin was arrested in late 2007 for devious activities that "FIT THE VERY DEFINITION OF FORGERY"?
  • Squandering more than $500,000 on lawyers and legal fees?
  • Martin breaking his 2010 "solemn promise" to repeal the UNFAIR $40 PER CAR STICKER TAX?
  • The diminutive dictator's hiring of his personal attorney Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kerns) to serve as the TAXPAYER-FUNDED City Attorney?
  • The mismanaging mayor increasing every resident's SNEAKY INSURANCE PREMIUM TAX BY FIFTY PERCENT?
  • Martin LYING to Villa Hills residents, falsely telling them that "Chief Goodenough is just taking a few days of" when he and Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kerns) had already told the now-former chief that they were preparing a costly public spectacle designed to unfairly embarrass the long-serving police officer?
No, Martin sure can't tell the truth. Even if he was capable of it.

Speaking of former Police Chief Goodenough, he provided a huge boost to the mayoral campaign of favored Ernie Brown this week. Goodenough spent some time at the local convenient store-sporting an "Ernie Brown for Mayor" tee shirt-meeting and greeting dozens of Villa Hills resident. Most of these residents understand the absolutely unfair and terrible treatment Goodenough  received at the hands of the malevolent Martin and Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kerns).

Mayoral candidate Holly B. Menninger-Isenhour could not be reached for comment regarding questions about her allged interesting "gifts" to certain handymen.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

Friday, September 12, 2014

FRIDAY FORUM: Martin's "One-Fingered Salute" To The Villa Hills Police Department

The Martin Chronicles was extremely well represented at last night's 911 remembrance once again billed as "A Salute To America's Heroes" at Crescent Springs Community Park. Even our beloved publisher was there-in disguise, of course.

So, why did we have the event so well-covered? Because everyone on staff was begging for the opportunity to witness first-hand Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's incredible hypocrisy. And, brothers and sisters, Martin didn't let any of us down.

First of all, we all made careful note of the icy reception the miscreant Martin received from those in attendance when the despicable, diminutive dictator was introduced. There was even a noticeable smattering of jeers and catcalls. That bodes well for the chances of a Villa Hills revival on November 4.

Secondly-and most importantly-the mental-case Martin inadvertently bared his dark soul to those who were there. For the uninitiated, the malevolent Martin will forever more hold a deep-seated hatred of the Villa Hills Police Department.

Why? Because despite the fact that four respected judges indisputably opined that there was CLEAR PROBABLE CAUSE FOR THE MISDIRECTING MARTIN'S 2007 FORGERY ARREST, Martin will always want to falsely blame the Villa Hills Police Department for catching  him signing his deceased mother's name on his deceased mother's checks, cashing them and pocketing the proceeds. That is precisely why Martin ruined the long careers of the Villa Hills Police Department leadership and chased almost everyone else he inherited on January 1, 2011 away. The rest? They are simply counting down the days until retirement.

Even though Martin has already ruined the careers of so many fine public servants, his hatred will never subside. People clearly noticed this at the 911 event.

How so?:
  • Martin thanked the City of Crescent Springs several times.
  • Martin thanked the event attendees several times.
  • Martin thanked the Crescent Springs Villa Hills Fire Department several times.
  • Martin thanked the event "performers" several times.
  • Martin thanked the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky several times.
  • Martin thanked the event emcee several times.
  • Martin thanked the good weather several times.
But, do you know what? Martin never once thanked the Villa Hills Police Department for their assistance. Not one, solitary, single time. Never. Nada. Zilch. Zero. It was as obvious as Martin's abject hatred and dishonesty. Many people in attendance said they could absolutely feel it.

There are 52 days to go.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Salute To Our American Heroes

The Martin Chronicles wants to make it abundantly clear that we think events remembering the terrible tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001 are a fine thing. This is especially true when we are once again on the brink of having to deal with the same twisted hatred-spawned in medieval times-that led to those terrible 9-11-01 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  

So, our readers must understand that we have no issue with the event being held at Crescent Springs Community Park tonight billed as "A Salute To Our American Heroes". Again, it is a fine thing. In fact, we plan to attend.

But we do have one major concern. That concern would be absolutely any participation by Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin. That feckless little man should have no involvement in an event designed to honor the valiant efforts and selfless sacrifice of police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

It matters not that the malevolent Martin currently serves as the mayor of Villa Hills (at least for the next 110 dreadful days). It matters not that Martin is oddly fond of billing himself as "the president of (the now for all intents and purposes, defunct) Villa Hills Historical Society. Why? Because any involvement by the miscreant Martin would be the absolute height of hypocrisy.

Again, why? Well, just look at the abjectly disgraceful way the tiny tyrant Martin has treated some local American Heroes. Martin's behavior towards these local American Heroes has been shockingly shameful. Many residents are extremely upset about Martin's casual lies about virtually every issue involving the police department.

We'll see tonight.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Still No Sign?

The Martin Chronicles was receiving emails and phone calls all day long about a long-reported issue in malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's embattled Villa Hills. Surprisingly, this issue could actually prove to be pivotal as we are now at V(for VOTE)-minus 54 days and counting until the polls open on November 4.

So what is the issue? Many residents of the decidedly middle class section of Villa Hills known as Amsterdam Village are seething about the mismanaging Martin's failure to replace the now-missing sign at the entrance to their part of town.

As many of you probably recall, the original sign was damaged by a drunk driver many, many, many, many, many months ago. The sign sat in embarrassing disrepair for several months after the accident. Finally, Martin and his Administration Committee announced that they had received somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 dollars in an insurance settlement.

You most likely remember what happened next. The damaged sign was removed. And then, well, uh, err, absolutely nothing. The now-piled up lights that had been installed to illuminate the sign that served as the gateway to Amsterdam Village for well over thirty years have been all that remains on the site for the past few months.

Amsterdam Village residents are understandably upset. Many tell us they can't believe what they describe as a ridiculous delay. As they say, if Martin got his hands on an insurance check, what has he done with the money? Many suspect he has squandered it on more lawyers and legal actions or maybe used the money for the improvements that were done on the little-used park that happens to abut the backyards of City Council cronies Mary Koenig, Holly B. Menninger-Isenhour and Brian Wischer.

We have a different theory. You see, the miscreant Martin's voting base resided in Amsterdam Village in 2010. Amsterdam Village voters made the difference in Martin's 2010, razor-thin victory. So, we suspect Martin is preparing to assume the roll of "Pander Bear" with them in the hope that they will repeat their 2010 mistake in 2014.

How might that work? We will tell you. Flash forward to a sunny Saturday afternoon in mid-to-late October. Imagine a chest-beating Martin strutting around like a latter-day Benito Mussolini. The pint-sized potentate pulls back a sheet covering a brand-new sign at the entrance to Amsterdam Village while proudly (and phonily) proclaiming his deep love for the residents of Villa Hills.

Keep imaging-that is if you have the stomach for it. You may have Martin sycophants Dale and ($47.50 per taxpayer-funded hour bucket-headed bookkeeper) Cordelia Schaber, Tony Funklin and other civic club ass clown cronies serving up hot apple cider for the crowd. Hell, you can even imagine Martin's wife Janet parading their poor granddaughter through the crowd as a pathetic political prop.

Yeah, we know. The opinionated haters are going to call us "vile and disgusting" for offering up what they will say is a cynical prediction. But they are nothing more than Martin's useful idiots. Why? The events of the past several years have clearly demonstrated that there is no one more cynical than the miscreant Martin.

It's Martin who uses people like toilet paper and then flushes them away when he's finished with them.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Martin Chronicles' Next Contest.

The Martin Chronicles reporters have been talking to people who are in a position to know. We've been meeting with some well-known civil engineers to make sure we have our terminology correct for our next contest.

First, some background information for you:
  • Despite his false pledge to repeal it, Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin continues to take the UNFAIR $40 PER CAR STICKER TAX out of the wallets of every resident-allegedly for street repair and replacement.
  • Despite proclaiming to the media during his 2010 dirbag mayoral campaign that he could find all of the additional money needed for the road repair and replacement budget out of the City's "existing budget", it appears all of the "extra money" the malingering Martin has "found" has been spent on LAWYERS AND LEGAL ACTIONS-instead of, again allegedly, road repair and replacement.
  • Mayor MarTAX has also increased every resident's SNEAKY INSURANCE PREMIUM TAX BY FIFTY PERCENT-again, allegedly for road repair and replacement.
So, here is the contest. Contestants are asked to submit a list of all of the road repair and replacement the mismanaging Martin has gotten done since he took office on January 1, 2011. The contestant with the most complete list gets to join our beloved publisher for an all-expenses paid dinner at his favorite eatery, the Thai-Tanic Restaurant.

Mostly based on what the well-known civil engineers told us, here is what counts:
  • FULL DEPTH REPLACEMENTS: This is where an entire street or a large portion of an entire street is totally torn out. Then proper under-drains are installed to prevent water from doing unseen damage underneath that street. Finally, new concrete is placed over the entire repaired area. (No, the recent work done by the Northern Kentucky Water District does not count.)
  • ASPHALT OVERLAYS: This is where an entire street or a large portion of an entire street is first "milled down". Then asphalt is poured over the entire repaired area. Why? Well, our civil engineers tell us that overlay is done to extend the "life" of a failing street.
Mostly based on what the well-known civil engineers told us, here is what doesn't count:
  • SLAB (OR MUD) JACKING: This is a process where a contractor shoots grout beneath a street to fill voids caused by water that runs beneath that street. All of our civil engineers advised us that this is mostly a fool's errand. Why? Because unless you have solved the running water problem, you have simply re-directed that water to undermine some other area of that street.
  • CRACK SEALING: This is where a contractor pours hot tar in to the cracks of a street to prevent surface water from seeping in to the street. The seeping water will cause additional damage, especially during the "freeze-thaw cycle" of the fall and winter. So why doesn't that work count? Our well-known civil engineers advise us that "even a moron" would make sure that work is done every year. Perhaps these well-known civil engineers have never met Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin?
So, keeping in mind that the mismanaging Martin continues to collect huge sums of money from the taxpayers for a street repair and replacement program, send us your list of the road repair and replacement work Martin has done since taking office on January 1, 2011. The list that most closely demonstrates the truth of the road repair and replacement work Martin has done will be the winner.
You only have 55 days to decide whether or not we've asked you a trick question.