Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Weeks To Go

The Martin Chronicles read the dinosaur media's contribution to the city council race in malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills with amusement. It's obvious that the two incumbents and three of the seven challengers (the five Martin has described as "my candidates") are desperately hoping to convince the voters that the past four dreadful years never happened. But the past four dreadful years have happened.

Mary Koenig and Brian Wischer have supported the events of the past four dreadful years with their actions and with their votes supporting Martin's "agenda of vendetta". Dave Hilgedford and Summer Berger have supported the events of the past four dreadful years by willingly allowing Martin to use and misuse them as mindless mouthpieces on various city committees. Jennifer Yost-Vaden also seems perfectly content to serve as a parrot sitting on Martin's shoulder, squawking the Martin-Koenig line that Villa Hills is a city somehow "moving forward".

The "Martin Five" obviously think most voters are idiots who will take all of about ten seconds to deciding how to cast their six council votes. We are mindful that these five base their belief on the mostly-inattentive voters who went to the polls in 2010 and 2012. We think this year may be a bit different.

Why? Because the events of the past four dreadful years seem to have stirred more interest in this year's election. It now appears that a fairly sizeable number of residents understand that it does matter who sits in the mayor's office and on city council. Given the four-way mayor's race and the undeniable math of the council race, it's unclear how much the voter's heightened interest in this election will ultimately improve the current corrupt and incompetent city government. We'll know that in a couple of weeks.

It was hilarious to read the "Martin Five" comments about "transparency" and "communication". If these five really believed in those two concepts, they would have come to last week's council Town Hall event to face questions from the residents. But none of them saw fit to do so.

Oh, that's right. The "Martin Five" bought in to Martin's disparaging F-Bomb rant about the residents, the Sensible Citizens and the Town Hall meetings. Then Martin stabbed his five candidates in the back by showing up at the mayor Town Hall, only to have his endless lies exploded before a packed house in Villa Madonna's theater. We guess that represents at least a small measure of justice.

"Transparency" and "communication" aren't found on some piece of political propaganda or in some trite article published in the dinosaur media. These two concepts are found in votes and actions. If enough voters are mindful of that fact, it does not bode well for Martin and the "Martin Five".

Two weeks to go.

Monday, October 20, 2014

We Guess It Makes Sense To Martin

The Martin Chronicles is still trying to process Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's strange defense for removing a highly trained CPA from his finance committee and replacing her with a teenaged boy. Martin claims he made a great move because the teenaged boy brings "fresh ideas" and "asks lots of questions". Of that we have little doubt.

Martin removed the CPA some time ago. Adding insult to injury, Martin said the CPA's work was "unacceptable". We aren't sure how Martin made this determination. Others say Martin simply did not like all of the questions the CPA was asking him about the "unusual" state of the city's financial records.

Look, we have nothing against teenaged boys getting involved. In fact, we think civic mindedness is always a good thing. But, we are talking about the taxpayers' money. Given the mess, shouldn't you have as many eyes as possible reviewing the numbers?

As far as we can determine, there is no limit to the number of people who can serve on Martin's finance committee. Wouldn't it have made more sense to keep the CPA and add the teenaged boy?

Election Day can't get here soon enough.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: More Campaign Tidbits

The Martin Chronicles finds it a little hard to believe that Villa Hills' voters will have the opportunity to choose their next mayor and council in just a little more than two weeks. Current malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin has made such a terrible mess of the taxpayer-funded city government over the last four years that it has seemed like a dismal eternity.

This week brought us several campaign tidbits:
  • Only four of the nine council candidates saw fit to answer the residents' questions at last Tuesday's Town Hall meeting. The other five candidates-who Martin has publicly described as "my candidates"-evidently thought facing residents' question was beneath them and consciously chose to stay away. Sure, we know Villa Hills is supposed to have a six-member council. But, hey, why not just keep the last two seats empty. Empty chairs have as much to offer the residents as those other five "empty suit" no-shows do.
  • Many people are perplexed by Tuesday night "no show" Dave Hilgeford's odd appearance at Thursday night's mayoral candidate Town Hall. Hilgeford compounded his already countless problems by rudely booing Martin's opponents as they were introduced. The good news? Hilgeford got at least a couple of emphatic "ear-fulls" from residents after the event. Hilgeford showed his true colors. He is a jerk.
  • We learned this week that Martin's personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kerns) has "earned" more than $239,000 of taxpayer money since Martin craftily maneuvered him in the position in early 2013. That whopping sum averages out to approximately to an incredible $13,000 a month! To put that in historical perspective, the City Attorney budget has typically been about $20,000 a year. Martin is paying his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry an average of $156,000 a year. So, is this what Martin meant when he told the audience at the mayoral Town Hall that he is "stingy with the taxpayer money"?
  • Martin stabbed "his five council candidates" in the back who foolishly took the diminutive dictator's advice and cut and run from Tuesday's Town Hall Council Candidate event by making an appearance at Thursday's Mayoral Candidate event. We believe Martin went because he saw how badly "his five council candidates" were savaged by their no-shows and because he realized he is in electoral trouble. In any event, Martin's self-aggrandizing proclamations that evening were sliced and diced by a heavy dose of the facts. As our readers know, facts are very stubborn things.
  • We learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that Martin's recent political propaganda piece (funded by the taxpayers) is full of lies and half-truths. Martin has amended the city budget every single year he's been in the mayor's office to cover his wild-spending budget shortfalls. The amount of money eventually put back in to the treasury each year has been far less than the aggregate total amounts of the original amendments. Martin's false claim that he has run any "surpluses" is clearly a BOLD-FACED LIE.
  • We have learned-again, beyond a shadow of a doubt-that Martin is doing everything he can to hide a $200,000-PLUS FINE that has been imposed on the taxpayers of Villa Hills by the State of Kentucky for their mindless mayor's reckless behavior. Martin is desperately trying to keep this terrible fine under wraps until after Election Day. But our forensic accountants discovered the $200,000-PLUS FINE buried in the city's annual audit. Worse yet, Martin is squandering even more taxpayer money paying his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kerns) to contest the $200,000-PLUS FINE.
  • We have learned-yet again beyond a shadow of a doubt-that Martin has launched a full-scale assault on the Constitutionally-protected First Amendment-guaranteed rights of Villa Hills' residents. We have cell phone photos-that we will release closer to Election Day-of Martin's taxpayer-over-paid City Administrator/Clerk Craigory T. Bohman entering residents' private property to move and remove campaign signs of Martin's opponents. This certainly seems to be an obvious case of taxpayer-funded "political activity".
  • We now know that the mismanaging Martin has been withholding the fact that the city will not have enough salt to treat the city's streets in the event of another bad winter. A letter from Morton Salt confirms this dismal fact, again beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  • We have heard that Martin has ordered taxpayer-funded city employees to remove all campaign signs from residents' yards the day before the November 4 election. This brazen, illegal act would be a clear violation of residents' First Amendment rights. Perhaps that is why some of the taxpayer-funded employees who say they have received this illegal order from Martin have lawyered-up.
THE BEST LINE OF THE WEEK: A long-time Villa Hills observer said," Villa Hills city finances have been a real shell game during Martin's four terrible years in office. It's far past time to get rid of the nut who has been running this tawdry con on the taxpayers".  

In a little more than two weeks Villa Hills' voters will be headed to the polls. Will a large enough majority remember all of the embarrassment and disgrace Martin has brought to Villa Hills City Government?

We'll know for sure sometime on the evening of November 4.

BREAKING NEWS: When It Rains, It Pours

The Martin Chronicles has learned that malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin is being dishonest with the residents of Villa Hills yet again. We know that comes as no surprise to most of you. But, you need to know when Martin plays fast and loose with facts potentially involving your safety.

Martin recently announced in a public setting that he has plenty of salt on order for the winter. We suppose that comment could be downgraded from a flat-out lie to a brazen half-truth. Either way you slice it, his comment was not a full and accurate description of the facts.

We'll explain Martin's deception. We don't doubt that the salt was ordered. But Martin left out the most important part. You see, Morton Salt cannot fill the order. We have obtained a letter from Morton Salt explaining that fact.

Morton Salt is dealing with a shortage of salt for road treatment. They also have binding contracts with other cities that must be honored first. So, Villa Hills' salt order will not be filled.

This is no small deal. We believe Martin's dishonest comment was designed to falsely portray himself as a competent leader who loves his constituents. Martin desperately wants to get past Election Day. Martin thinks he only needs to keep fooling the voters for about two more weeks.

The voters need to give Martin a heavy dose of TRUTH on November 4.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Major Scandal May Be In The Works

The Martin Chronicles is postponing its regular WEEKENDER EDITIONS because our investigative reporters are very busy contacting every source and snitch they know to confirm the tips we have been receiving since Friday night. This story seems to be as scandalous as Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's PERSISTENT, ILLEGAL DESTRUCTION OF CITY RECORDS and potentially more costly than the $239,000 TAXPAYER DOLLARS the tiny tyrant has already paid to his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kerns) over the past roughly twenty dreadful months.

We have learned that a clandestine phone call conference took place some time Friday evening involving multiple city employees, law enforcement authorities and as yet un-named others. We have also learned that at least some of these city employees have retained legal counsel. When we give you the details we have learned so far you will understand why they did so.

Here is what we have been told and are working to nail down with rock solid confirmation. We have been told that malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin-finally understanding that he is in a very desperate fight to hold on to the taxpayer-funded city treasury-ordered multiple city employees to "remove all campaign signs" on November 3, the day before he stands for re-election.

There are problems with such an order from Martin.
  • First and foremost, Martin would be asking city employees to commit an ILLEGAL ACT, with the implied penalty of termination for failure to comply.
  • Martin would be violating Kentucky Labor Law yet again. How? By ordering taxpayer-funded city employees to commit an ILLEGAL ACT. Martin already has the TAXPAYERS ON THE HOOK FOR MORE THAN $200,000 for his mishandling of employee pensions. If you weren't aware of that fact, it is only because MARTIN HAS INTENTIONALLY AND DECEPTIVELY LEFT THAT POTENTIAL $200,000 PENALTY OFF THE CITY BOOKS.
  • Martin would be VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTIONALLY-GUARANTEED FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT of every resident to display a sign supporting an opposing candidate's sign on their property. Oh, this isn't the first time Martin has tried to silence any opposition. Remember when Martin signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER-that is still in place-granting him the questionable "right" to have anyone who dares to challenge him at a public meeting to be ARRESTED? Sure you do.
  • Martin would say that there shouldn't be signs in legally designated "right-of-ways". But no one has more signs in those "right-of-ways" that the malfeasant Martin. Do you want to see pictures of those Martin signs? We can provide them.
None of these allegations bring with it a "stretch of the imagination". Remember that we already have cell phone photos of Martin's City Administrator/Clerk Craigory T. Bohman entering citizens' private property to move and remove campaign signs on Friday. Vile and disgusting? Yes. But also very true.

Do you really want four more years of such brazen law-breaking. Perhaps you do. Perhaps you still believe that "this mayor does great things for people". If so, we can't help you. But if you have any level of self-respect, you know tyranny and abuse of the law is a very bad thing.

That is why it is important for the voters of Villa Hills to clean house on November 4.

Friday, October 17, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: More Political Activity?

The Martin Chronicles has heard from several eyewitnesses who just watched City Administrator/Clerk Craigory Bohman move campaign signs out of sight at the corner of Buttermilk Pike and Western Reserve Road. These eyewitnesses are enraged since they believe Bohman moved the signs out of sight only because they were candidates who oppose his boss, Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin.

The theory? We know for a fact that Bohman failed in his attempts to land a new job in Ft. Mitchell and Ludlow. Bohman understands that he will most likely be on the outside looking in if Martin is defeated on November 4.

So, the theory continues that Bohman believes he has nothing to lose. Sure, they railroaded Joe Schutzman on trumped up charges of "political activity". But Bohman is helping Martin. He knows he won't be brought up on charges of "political activity. 

November 4 can't get here soon enough.

Laugh Lines

The Martin Chronicles wants to give you a little more on Martin's shoddy-at-best performance at last night's Town Hall meeting. The little fella is either a tremendous con artist or completely out of touch with reality. Come to think of it, he's both.
First, a little set-up is required. As you know, Martin has:
  • Wasted more than $500,000 of taxpayer money on his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry, other lawyers, lawsuits and other legal actions.
  • Cut himself a check that put more than $23,000 of taxpayer money in to his own personal pocket.
  • Squandered more than $20,000-yes, $20,000 (Not the budgeted amount of $12,000)- on a park that virtually no resident ever uses, or even knows exists.
  • Put the poor taxpayers on the hook to pay a fine to the State of Kentucky for more than $200,000 because of his reckless behavior. That debacle isn't even on the city's books yet. 
Get the picture? Sure you do.

So, Martin actually had the nerve to tell last night's audience that he is "stingy with the taxpayers' money". That incredibly dishonest comment caused The Martin Chronicles' BS meter to explode in a mushroom cloud!

The audience reaction? Gasps of shock. Muttering. Rumblin'. Fumblin'. Stumblin'. And, most of all? Laughter.

November 4 is right around the corner.