Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why The Martin Chronicles Is Thankful

The Martin Chronicles is very thankful on this Thanksgiving Holiday. We have been working very hard now since even before our launch of October 8, 2011 to bring the residents of Villa Hills' Mayor Mike Martin town THE TRUTH. We can only conclude that since Martin was routed 84%-16% on November 4, 2014, THAT THE GOOD GUYS ARE WINNING!

It ain't over yet!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Things For Which To Be Thankful

The Martin Chronicles certainly hopes the residents of now-outgoing malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills remember the many things they can be thankful for this important holiday week. First and foremost, we should all be thankful for our family, friends and the many ways we have been blessed in this life.

There are other reasons to be thankful in Villa Hills. Let's explore the positive possibilities.

Villa Hills will see a positive change in its city government. A new mayor and mostly-new council will be taking the reins on January 1, 2015. After the last four, dreadful years of non-stop crisis, chaos and corruption of Mike Martin, there are many reasons to believe things will become decidedly better in a hurry.

We anticipate that incoming Mayor Callery will live up to his extensive resume. We think Mr. Callery will be a steady leader who focuses his efforts on making Martin's currently-broken city government an operation that works to serve the residents once again.

We look for incoming Mayor Callery to provide quiet leadership and cooperation with council that seeks areas of agreement for the betterment of the city. That will be a refreshing change from the past four years of conflict, contradiction, "gotcha" politics and "cult of personality" we saw with thankfully-outgoing Mayor Martin.

We think the seasoned incoming Mayor Callery will not let the trappings of the almost endless power the Kentucky Legislature gives mayors of a City of the Fourth Class get the better of him. Again, that will be a refreshing change for which we should all be thankful. The inexperienced and uneducated outgoing Mayor Martin was seduced by that power almost immediately. "I'm the CEO. It's my decision. We're moving on. Get over it." Remember? Sure you do.

We also think the new city council has a real chance to make a positive difference for the residents next year. No incoming council has had such an opportunity in more than a decade.

George Bruns, Greg Kilburn and Scott Ringo are returning to city council after a two-year hiatus. These three men did yeoman-like work for the residents during their prior council service. Then, they unfairly became the undeserving scapegoats for Martin's incompetence and corruption in the 2012 election. Now, they are returning to continue their true public service and-thankfully-Martin is departing.

Gary Waugaman also has an extensive record of public service and volunteerism. We are convinced that he will do his level best for the betterment of the city. Waugaman will speak his mind. He will also always do what he thinks is best for the residents of Villa Hills.

Jennifer Yost-Vaden has been given a gift. She now has the chance to prove she really does want to "move the city forward". We expect Councilmembers Bruns, Kilburn, Ringo and Waugaman will very quickly offer her the opportunity to do that very thing. Then, it's totally up to Yost-Vaden. The Martin Chronicles will be watching very closely.

Then there is Mary Koenig. Koenig was first elected to council in the last century. 1989 to be exact. While The Martin Chronicles has had very little use for her nasty brand of below-the-belt politics, we recognize that Koenig has been given the rare opportunity to finally do the right thing. Again, The Martin Chronicles will be watching very closely. This one will be fun!

Oh, there are more reason to be thankful.

In case you haven't noticed, the social network nitwittery has ground to an almost complete halt. No more morons posting things they claim came from the library that are totally false. No more snarky comments made by Martin teen worshippers that draw derision and rancor. No more misguided mommas jumping in to defend their Martin teen worshippers with even snarkier comments that draw even more derision and rancor.

Isn't it great?

Then there are the negative realities. Why?

Because The Martin Chronicles is also thankful that outgoing, malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin has already tipped his shady hand. As we have already reported, Martin has no intention of doing the right thing and getting on with his life. Martin plans to continue to stir up crisis, chaos and corruption. Why? Because he just can't accept the reality of having all of that power taken away from him by the voters. Oh, thank you little fella! Thank you!

We should all be thankful for 2015!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Martin Isn't Going Away

The Martin Chronicles has heard from our sources at now-outgoing Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's favorite watering hole. These sources tell us that the malevolent Martin was recently holding court, entertaining his vastly depleted ranks of supporters.

Martin began his usual routine of tossing back beer after beer after beer and then launching into his litany of "F-him, F-her, F-us, F-them, F-you, F-that, F-this, F-me, F-everybody". No surprises there. Those antics happen all the time.

But then our sources tell us it got very interesting. Martin went on to tell his shrinking supporters that he "has Koenig and Vaden in his hip pocket". He assured the assembled asses that Koenig and Vaden will "stop everything Callery and those other assholes on council try to do". Then Martin assured them that he would be elected to city council again in two years "to start turning the city around again". Alrighty then.

If Martin was honest when he claimed to "love Villa Hills" more than four years ago, he would simply get on with his life. But Martin isn't honest. Martin doesn't have integrity. Martin can't accept the fact that his last four years have been a massive, embarrassing, dreadful failure.

Some might conclude that Martin's beer-boosted, bogus bravado was just the alcohol-fueled ramblings of a soon-to-be-deposed despot. After all, even if Koenig and Vaden were truly following Martin's marching orders (and we can't know that, at least not yet), they only represent two votes on a six member city council.

Others might believe that even the mallet-headed Martin has to see the handwriting on the electoral wall. He was embarrassingly crushed 84%-16% just three weeks ago. How much worse would his devastating defeat have to be for the tiny tyrant to finally realize that the vast majority of residents have had more than enough of his chicanery, right?

There are also those who realize that Martin will already have his hands full dealing with the many personal legal issues that are about to be dropped on his head. These folks understand that Martin will soon be provided the opportunity to explain his many misdeeds over the past four years.

Martin's under-oath answers could very well cost him a staggering fortune. Remember, the Kentucky League of Cities has already advised Martin that they are "out" and that the diminutive dictator is holding a very bad hand. Martin has to be going away for good, correct?

Despite Martin's many looming, personal problems, he would enjoy nothing more than causing problems for Mayor-elect Callery and the incoming council. They are his evil enemies, remember? That is who Martin is and will be forevermore.

So, The Martin Chronicles isn't falling for it. We have studied Martin very intently over the past several years. It almost worries us that we understand what makes Martin tick so well.

The Martin Chronicles knows that Martin is driven by his delusions of grandeur. We know that Martin has a messianic complex-convinced that only he knows what is best for anyone who has the misfortune of entering his off-kilter orbit. We know that Martin is a raging paranoid who firmly believes that anyone who opposes him is an enemy who must be totally destroyed.

Yes, Martin was annihilated on November 4. Election Day was an absolute repudiation of Martin and everything he stands for. But, he doesn't understand that. Martin just isn't capable of doing the right thing. Martin has already used his crazy calculus to rationalize everything that happened just three weeks ago. You know, "If only this, if only that. The voters were just too stupid to understand all the great things I did for them. I'll show them." Nutty? You bet. But that's Martin.

That is exactly why The Martin Chronicles isn't going anywhere.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

MONDAY MEMO: An Unresolved Issue

The Martin Chronicles has already advised our readers that now-outgoing Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin will be leaving behind a staggering mess for Mayor-elect Callery and a mostly-solid new city council. Some things simply won't be resolved prior to January 1, 2015 (also known as VM Day for "Victory over Martin" Day).

Mayor-elect Callery will have to make some difficult staffing decisions. Callery has a long association with City Administrator/City Clerk Craig T. Bohman. Martin's personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry also continues to assure people that his Villa Hills job is secure because of his father's close friendship with Callery. Many residents are concerned that Callery will be reluctant to redirect the careers of Bohman and McMurtry.

Much like outgoing malfeasant Mayor Martin, both Bohman and McMurtry have become toxic figures in Villa Hill City Government. Just consider some of the issues surrounding Bohman and McMurtry:
  • McMurtry has billed the taxpayers in excess of an indefensible $250,000 in legal fees in less than two years.
  • Bohman still faces the "opportunity" to explain-under oath-his questionable allegations that he was the "innocent victim" of selective traffic enforcement that led to the railroading of one member of the local police department's former leadership.
  • McMurtry still faces the "opportunity" to explain-under oath-whether he was correct when he told the Kentucky State Auditor that neither member of the local police department's former leadership received promotions, or that he was correct when he told the Kentucky State Retirement Board that both members of the local police department's former leadership received promotions. McMurtry-and the exposed taxpayers of Villa Hills-can't have it both ways.
  • Bohman was photographed removing campaign signs from the private property of a number of residents. Does Callery really want to be associated with Bohman's violation of those residents' First Amendment rights?
  • McMurtry will be a poisonous figure with some of the incoming 2015 council. Here is just one of many examples. McMurtry accused returning Councilmember Scott Ringo of tampering with evidence during the malfeasant Martin's October, 2012 removal hearing.
  • Bohman hired his boss Martin to do handyman work in his home after receiving a substantial taxpayer-funded pay raise. Many residents believe that was a sordid form of payback.
  • At least two outgoing councilmembers have publicly accused McMurtry of threatening them in to silence about Martin's reckless behavior. Does Mayor-elect Callery really want that lingering stench?
  • Bohman has yet to explain the photos that were taken of him removing City Records from the Police Department. This after Martin was warned by a respected judge to stop destroying and tampering with those very same City Records.
This is just a very small sampling of the taint both McMurtry and Bohman would carry in to the incoming Callery Administration. Many residents firmly believe that it wasn't enough to loudly toss the malfeasant Martin out of their City Building on November 4. They also believe his two taxpayer-funded co-conspirators must also exit. The Martin Chronicles agrees.

Mayor-elect Callery is already on the public record saying he would rather have a City Attorney with much more municipal law experience. Callery has publicly expressed great concern about the staggering legal fees Martin has handed to the taxpayers.

Mayor-elect Callery is also a retired septuagenarian who has all the time he needs to handle the day-to-day administrative duties at the City Building. Should the taxpayers also be funding a City Administrator? A huge number of taxpayers don't think so.

The exits of McMurtry and Bohman could be handled in a dignified, professional way. It wouldn't have to be anything like the ugly public spectacles orchestrated by Martin, McMurtry and Bohman when they railroaded the former leadership of the local police department. But, does Callery have the intestinal fortitude that is required to finish the job the voters began on Election Day?

This is an unresolved issue.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: Spiking Scandal Set To Explode

The Martin Chronicles was well-represented at the second-to-last Villa Hills council meeting now-outgoing malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin presided over on November 12. At first, we thought little of a brief exchange during that meeting. Councilman Jim Cahill asked if there were any updates on the city's many (costly-to-the-taxpayers) legal issues. Both Martin and his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry quickly replied, "Nothing".

We now know that-at best-that Martin's and McMurtry's denials are "no longer operative". That is the polite way to say it now appears they were both lying.

We have had several editorial board meetings deciding whether or not to risk a well-placed source deep within the foul bowels of the outgoing Martin Administration. While its a tough call, we finally have decided to proceed. Why? Because-unlike returning Councilman Mary Koenig-we do believe the public needs to know.

That well-placed source has secretly sent us three letters that clearly prove there is a whole lot going on relating to all of the legal issues Martin has created. These letters indicate that the taxpayers may face shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars more for Martin's four years of mischief.

The three letters were sent to the City from the Kentucky State Retirement Board. The first letter advises the City that their-very-costly-to-the-taxpayers'-appeal of the already-reported, kept-out-of-the-financial-records-$217,000 fine against Martin's Administration for pension spiking was denied.

The second letter advises the City that their second-very-costly-to-the-taxpayers'-appeal of the already-reported, kept-out-of-the-financial-records $217,000 fine against Martin's Administration for pension spiking was also denied. Not good. Not good at all.

The third letter advises the City that their last-very-costly-to-the-taxpayer's-chance to dodge the already-reported, kept-out-of-the-financial-records $217,000 fine against Martin's Administration for pension spiking will take place at a-yet-to-be-scheduled-hearing. Not good. Not good at all. In point of fact, it's very, very bad for the taxpayers.

Martin and McMurtry have a very serious problem. So do the taxpayers of Villa Hills. You see, Martin and McMurtry are pleading to the Kentucky State Retirement Board that there was no pension spiking. But, Martin and McMurtry previously made the exact opposite case to the Kentucky State Auditor's Office. Yes, Martin and McMurtry previously claimed that there was pension spiking but that it was the fault of the former Villa Hills Police Department leadership.

Mercifully for the taxpayers, Martin will be gone in less than 40 days. The Kentucky League of Cities Insurance has already informed Martin and his attorneys that they will not cover Martin's personal liability in the many current-and several pending-lawsuits resulting from the miscreant mayor's misbehavior. Why? Because they maintain that what Martin has done represents willful acts.

For Martin, this very well may be a case of Karma's well-known "bitchiness". Martin has spent the better part of a decade trying to ruin innocent peoples' lives. It could very well be that the worm is about to turn against Martin in a very loud way.

We aren't so sure about Toad V. McMurtry. We have learned that McMurtry has assured several people that "Mayor-elect Callery will never get rid of me because he's a close friend of my dad". You don't say? Is that a fact?

It appears Mayor-elect Callery has some very big decisions to make right away.

Friday, November 21, 2014

WEEKENDER: "Final Days" Humor

The Martin Chronicles can tell Villa Hills residents are still giddy about now-outgoing Mayor Mike Martin's voter-mandated exit from their City Building. How do we know? Because our reporters are hearing a series of one-liners and jokes all over town.

"What's worse than Mike Martin's Election Day vote totals. Nothing!"

"Did you know that Mike Martin is the only mayor who had his official portrait done by a police sketch artist?"

"What do Mike Martin and Cub Scout Pack 533 have in common? They are both preparing to take a hike soon."

In an homage to Johnny Carson's famous Karnac the Magnificent:
"The answer is -Big Ben, Andy Dalton, and Mike Martin's campaign promises."
"The question is - Name a clock, a jock and a crock."

"Martin, McMurtry and Bohman were rounded up by a mob of angry Villa Hills residents. The mob lined the trio up against the public works building to face a firing squad. McMurtry distracted the mob by yelling 'EARTHQUAKE!' and escaped in to the woods. The firing squad composed themselves and prepared to carry out their assignment. Then Bohman yelled 'TORNADO!' and used the momentary distraction to dive in to the frigid safety of Lake General Zod. The firing squad lined up again and began, 'READY', 'AIM'. . . Finally figuring out what his 'associates' had done to temporarily distract the riflemen, Martin yelled 'FIRE!'  . . . "

40 days to go.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"But You Can't Fool All Of The People All Of The Time"

The Martin Chronicles staff has been in a bit of a retrospective mood lately. We've been reporting on Villa Hills corrupt and incompetent Mayor Mike Martin since October 8, 2011. We've were doing our research on the diminutive dictator for several months prior to that launch.

Now-after suffering an historic, embarrassing defeat on Election Day-Martin will be leaving the mayor's office in barely 42 days. Thank God. Martin is exactly why television reality shows often warn viewers, "Do not try this at home."

Much of what has happened over Martin's last four, dreadful years remind us of some famous quotes:

1. "It is a tale told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." - William Shakespeare
Mike Martin's dishonest efforts to portray himself as the innocent victim of dark forces who wanted to derail his "good government zealotry" have now been indisputably revealed to be a colossal fabrication. Four separate judges have clearly determined that there was absolutely "probable cause" for Martin's 2007 forgery arrest. He did sign his deceased mother's name on his deceased mother's checks, cash them and pocket the proceeds. He's very lucky he didn't go to prison. Martin was also lying when he told the taxpayers of Villa Hills he wasn't suing them for $1.505 million. Why? Because the Supreme Court of the United States said he most certainly was.

2. "Power tends to corrupt. And absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Lord Acton
How many times did the residents have to listen to now-outgoing Mayor Mike Martin end legitimate, serious discussions by saying, "I'm the CEO. It's my decision. Deal with it. We're moving on." before they realized that Martin had been consumed by the power the Kentucky Revised Statutes granted him? Martin's luck finally ran out on November 4, 2014.

3. "The buck stops here." - Harry Truman
How many times did now-outgoing Mayor Mike Martin try to claim that "the buck never got here?" Problems were supposedly always someone else's fault. The previous City Attorney mishandled the Civil Service Commission. The previous Police Chief didn't tell Martin he wasn't allowed to illegally burn City records. His first City Council wouldn't work with him. The line that best sums up Martin's approach to everything is the excuse he used for his forgery, "I didn't  know it was wrong then. But I know it now." The voters resoundingly said, Enough, already" on November 4, 2014.

4. "I am not a crook." - Richard Nixon
Any sane person who witnessed Martin's bizarre comments to the media at the conclusion of his removal hearing in October, 2012 had to feel that they were witnessing Nixon's comments all over again. Despite the fact that Martin had just been convicted on seven of nine counts of Official Misconduct and Neglect of Duty, the diminutive dictator went before the cameras and reporters' notebooks to blame everyone else for his misbehavior.

5. "Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it." - Unknown
There were several foolish people who actually lamented that they would like to truly see what now-outgoing Mayor Martin was capable of if he had a city council who would work with him. Well, a majority of voters-in their disgust over Martin's first two years as mayor-gave him Koenig, Wischer and Menninger-Isenhour. That is exactly why the last two years of Martin's Reign of Error were an even-more-embarrassing-to-the-residents disaster. But, it is probably also why Martin will soon be on the outside looking in.

6. "Time is money." - Ben Franklin
Have you looked at the legal bills racked up by Martin's personal attorney who was hired to serve as City Attorney? If you have, you know what old Ben was talking about. More than $250,000? Really? For what? The remaining question? Will Mayor-elect Callery keep Martin's personal attorney on the taxpayer's dime?

7. "A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else." - John Burroughs
Residents finally came to realize that Martin's incessant blame-laying was a con job. They came to understand that Martin was the source of all of the problems and embarrassments of the past four years. They finally reached the conclusion that Martin didn't have even the basic tools to do the mayoral job. The voters sent a loud and clear message to Martin on November 4, 2014 that it was far past time to find something else to do.

8. "You can fool some of the people all of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time." - Abraham Lincoln
If Martin's 84%-16% annihilation on November 4, 2014 proved nothing else, it proved that Honest Abe was right when he said that.

9. "The pen is mightier than the sword." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton
This is where we might appear to be immodest. We don't mean to be. But we do think that our efforts-filling the void left by the shrinking-budget-hampered dinosaur media-played some role on the outcome of the November 4, 2014 election. We worked very hard to keep the truth about Martin's incessant antics in front of out audience. We don't think 285,000 visits to our blog happened by accident. We think the residents finally came to understand that their Mayor Martin was just a devious con man. So, the hard work paid off.

But we know our work is very far from over. We know Martin has no intentions of doing the right thing and just going away. So, we are staying on the job.

That's why we will see you tomorrow.