Thursday, October 30, 2014

WEEKENDER: The Final Push

The Martin Chronicles can hardly believe it. There are only a little more than 4 full days until Election Day in malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills. Come November 4, it will be 1,461 days-give or take a few calamitous hours-that the malfeasant Martin won the mayor's office by the narrowest of margins. How? By offering up a stinking garbage truck over-loaded with lie after lie after lie after lie after lie.

Martin is clearly facing difficulty in his taxpayer-funded effort to gain yet another four, very dreadful years sitting in the mayor's office. Many residents have told our reporters that they have told Martin "thanks, but no thanks" when the diminutive dictator has come a-knocking on their door. Many other residents have expressed outrage about Martin's corruption, incompetence and incessant lying. Martin's "yard sign count" is way down from 2010. In a one-on-one race, we'd be prepared to predict that the mismanaging Martin was about to go down in a landslide defeat of historic proportions.

But, this is not a one-on-one race. The undeserving Martin has been the beneficiary of a four-way race. Think about that for just a moment. Martin could actually be re-elected with just 26% of November 4's vote. If that doesn't scare the heck out of you, it most certainly should. Martin is banking on that, after all.

So, here we are again. We are on the brink of the final weekend before the all-important voting begins in Villa Hills. The Martin Chronicles is a firm believer in "past is prologue". Having written that, we are going to make some predictions about what Villa Hills residents will see in the closing days of the campaign.

Here's what will-or, in some cases, better-happen:
  • Any mayoral or council candidate who is not out "walking and talking" on this final weekend before the election is absolutely begging for defeat on November 4. Despite what terrible candidates like Mary Koenig and Summer Berger seem to believe, the residents absolutely deserve to hear the "issue positions" of all of the candidates before they cast their votes next Tuesday.
  • Martin and his corrupt surrogates are bound to be travelling pillar to post in Villa Hills dishing dirt on each of his three-far-better-opponents this last weekend before the voting begins. If any of Martin's opponents decide to take this weekend off, they do so at their election peril. Look for a door-to-door flier from unidentified Martin supporters accusing his three opponents of embezzlement, drug abuse, tawdry sexual liaisons, attempts to run his granddaughter over with a car, building a team hell-bent on destroying the city and several other false types of misdeeds.
  • Martin and other snout-in-the-taxpayer-funded-trough surrogates will position themselves Monday night at the intersection of Buttermilk Pike, Collins Road and Western Reserve waving "Elect Mike Martin for Mayor" signs and smiling at the residents driving by. Any of the three Martin opponents who are not occupying that same space, doing the same, exact thing Monday evening are begging for election failure.
  • Martin and more likely other snout-in-the-taxpayer-funded-trough surrogates (like Martin's mean-spirited wife Janet and bucket-headed $47.50 per hour taxpayer-funded bookkeeper Cordelia Schaber) will position themselves at the polling areas waving signs saying such dishonest things as "Elect Martin and Keep the City Moving Forward". Opponents of Martin's rampant corruption and abject mismanagement better be there countering Martin's abject lies to stop "low information" voters from making another huge mistake.
  • Martin and-more likely-his surrogates will VIOLATE ELECTION LAW-as they did in 2012-by passing out literature supporting the tiny tyrant inside the legal borders allowing such activity. If the three Martin opponents aren't fully ready to capture the Martin surrogate's ILLEGAL ACTIVITY on videotape and counter-act their incredible LIES, they are begging for defeat on Election Day.
Election Day is almost upon us. There is truly a tremendous chance for the voters to fix the mess the corrupt and incompetent Martin has intentionally created.

Are the voters up to the task?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's Take An Essay Test!

The Martin Chronicles often writes about the comments posted on the various social networks. They can be entertaining, enlightening and sometimes disturbing. One thing these posts clearly betray are the deep divisions and hard feelings malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin has fostered amongst the residents of Villa Hills.  

We are sometimes actually taken aback by the twisted logic employed by some to defend Martin's incredible incompetence and rampant corruption. We unwaveringly defend everyone's right to express their opinions. But, we also think these opinions would be easier to respect of they contained at least a tiny bit of logic.

This is precisely why we respect the posts of people like Jimmy Lynch. First of all, Jimmy Lynch doesn't try to mask his true feelings with phony, cynical bi-partisanship or political correctness. More importantly, Jimmy Lynch always provides irrefutable documentation for his posts by including actual city records.

So, The Martin Chronicles has decided to issue a challenge to any and all social network posters who believe they are up to the task. We are going to ask a few essay questions. All we ask is that those willing to take on this challenge re-state the question along with their answer when the post on the social networks. We'll start looking for the answers right away.

1. Please explain why it is a sound decision for a mayor of a Kentucky City of the Fourth Class to hire his personal attorney to serve as City Attorney. Include in your explanation why there are no potential conflicts of interest or-at minimum-appearances of impropriety in such an arrangement.

2. Please explain why there is no reason to be concerned that the aforementioned personal attorney hired to serve as City Attorney has billed the taxpayers approximately $250,000 in less than two years.

3. Please provide a logical defense for a mayor of a Kentucky City of the Fourth Class spending approximately $500,000 of taxpayer money on various lawyers and legal actions over the past two years.

4. Please provide a logical defense for spending approximately $50,000 of taxpayer money to resolve drainage problems and improve a little-used city park when only $12,000 of taxpayer money was budgeted for the project.

5. (See question 4) Please explain why there is no reason to be concerned about spending approximately $50,000 of taxpayer money to resolve drainage problems and improve a little-used city park when that little-used city park happens to abut the properties of three city councilmembers who regularly support the agenda of the mayor of a Kentucky City of the Fourth Class.

We firmly believe these are all very fair questions. We have several more. But time is limited. The Villa Hills' election is rapidly approaching.

We hope at least some of the social networkers are ready, willing and able to answer these very fair questions. Every voter-including the low-information ones-should have the opportunity to see the rationale for why all of these things have actually happened in Villa Hills.

So, please post your answers. You never know. Your answers could actually change our opinion about what we currently believe to be examples of current, malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's profligate waste of taxpayer money. Gee, we might even stop describing Martin as "malfeasant".

We are waiting for your answers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Take A Deep Breath!

The Martin Chronicles has never been the least bit shy about making its beliefs known. We firmly believe-backed by mountains of irrefutable facts-that Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin is one of the most abjectly corrupt and thoroughly incompetent elected officials to hold office anywhere, at any level and at any time.

Martin is a tremendous example of the reason "politician" is considered to be a dirty word. Why? Because Martin is "politician" as con artist. Despite his below-average intelligence, Martin has the almost sinister skill of convincing otherwise intelligent people that he is on their side when it is really only all about him.

Martin banks on the inattentiveness of the low information voters:
  • Martin busts four straight annual city budgets but still uses taxpayer money to send out a propaganda piece in this year's tax bills falsely claiming that he is running "budget surpluses".
  • Martin claims that he is some masterful manager who regularly counsels department heads on his plans to "move the city forward", and yet admits under oath that he never once sat down to talk with former Police Chief Dan Goodenough before railroading that police chief out of his job. Why? Martin whined that he "only gets paid $200 a month".
  • Martin claims in his taxpayer-funded propaganda piece that "the drama of the past is behind us". This despite the fact that he has-in some form or fashion-run off ten of the twelve council people who have had the misfortune of working with him over his four dreadful years in office. Just look at the current "golden moment" council. The three best members simply threw up their hands in disgust and walked away. A fourth has decided to challenge Martin for the mayor's office. Only the mean-spirited Koenig and clueless Wischer have said, "Thank you, sir! May I have another?"
  • Martin blathers on about some twisted version of "truth and integrity" even after four judges have ruled that his actions over several years "fit the very definition of forgery", after the Villa Hills Ethics Board reprimanded him for misuse of city personnel and resources, after he was chastised by a respected judge for illegal destruction of city records, after Martin was convicted on seven of nine counts of Official Misconduct and Neglect of Duty and even after-after several years of lies-his secret plan to disband the local police department was revealed to the public.
You get the picture. And that is just the tip of Martin's ugly iceberg of lies and deceit. Martin has conned a lot of people for a long time. He's still conning people. That is why he very well might be victorious in next Tuesday's four-way Villa Hills' mayoral race. He doesn't care. He just wants to win. Bad, bad, very bad.

Now, to the exact point of this post. The Martin Chronicles offices have been inundated with irate phone calls and e-mails today. Hundreds of residents are highly upset that the tiny tyrant has tackily hung a banner over the sign to the city's entrance announcing Villa Hills' lofty position is America's suburbs.

These phone callers and e-mailers are outraged because they believe that Martin did that for purely political reasons. And, he most certainly did.

These phone callers and e-mailers are outraged because they believe that Martin wants low-information voters to think that he deserves credit for Villa Hills' lofty position in America's suburbs. And, he most certainly does.

These phone callers and e-mailers think the way think the way the sign is displayed looks terrible. And, it most certainly does.

These phone callers and e-mailers think the timing of the tacky display is offensive and a sign of desperation. And, it most certainly is.

But, The Martin Chronicles wants everyone to take a deep breath. Sure, Martin is an undeserving opportunist. Sure, Martin is a dishonest, shady character. Sure, Martin couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag. Sure, Martin has lied time and time and time again. We listened to all of your irate phone calls and read your upset e-mails. We agree with you.

Even still, residents should be proud of their community. With the important proviso that the community was deemed to be worthy of that pride despite Martin's incessant wrongdoing. It's as simple as that.

Resident's should also be proud that they live in a nation that gives them the opportunity to fix the problems of all levels of their government. It is a blessing passed on to them by some very wise people. Everyone has the opportunity to go to the polls next Tuesday to clean house. They most certainly should.

Tacky sign or no, Martin must absolutely go on November 4.

Monday, October 27, 2014

One Week To Go And Counting

The Martin Chronicles has had many stretches of incredible readership growth since we launched our pesky little blog on October 8, 2011. Some notable examples include the period of time when Martin was trying to ram through his massive road tax, when Martin was caught red-handed illegally destroying city records, Martin's removal hearing when he was convicted on seven of nine counts of Official Misconduct and Neglect of Duty, when Martin's secret plan to disband the local police department was revealed and the sham kangaroo court Martin used to railroad former Villa Hills Police Chief Dan Goodenough.

But, over the last sixty days The Martin Chronicles has witnessed its greatest growth ever in new readership. Oh, sure. We know why. People are very interested in the four-way mayoral race between current malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin, long-time Villa Hills resident and selfless volunteer Ernie Brown, septuagenarian, short-time resident Irvin Callery and current-councilmember-fed-up-with-Martin's-sinister-shenanigans Holly B. Menninger-Isenhour.

The Martin Chronicles is "happy to tell you" that we are pleased with the growing interest in the rapidly-approaching election (and as the mendacious Martin once dishonestly said, we are not suing you. Even though he really was). But we do digress.

The mayoral race has certainly been exciting:
  • Martin's yard signs go up. And then they come down when the here-to-fore uninitiated resident is educated about Martin's costly-to-the-taxpayer chicanery. Insiders tell us that even the dumber-than-a-brick Martin knows he's in a bit of electoral trouble. But the little liar certainly won't go down without a mudslinging fight. He still believes he can win with about 26% of the low-information voters casting a ballot for him.
  • Selfless volunteer Ernie Brown is campaigning hard. He did a great job at the Prospect Point event and at the Sensible Citizen Town Hall. He has impressed residents with his grasp of the facts. Sure, some folks hold inexplicable grudges against him. Heck, we know what that's like. Some people just can't handle the truth. Brown would be much better than the law-breaking Martin.
  • Septuagenarian, former Covington Mayor Irvin Callery is also campaigning aggressively, mostly thanks to far younger relatives and friends. The aging Callery has an obvious base of support. Many residents do worry about the fact that Callery will be approaching eighty years old at the end of a potential first term, however. Callery would be much better than the law-breaking Martin, even at the former Covington mayor's advanced age.
  • Current councilwoman Holly B. Menninger-Isenhour is giving it her best effort. The Martin Chronicles applauds her for acknowledging Martin's abject lack of transparency and reckless spending on lawyers and legal actions. She took a big risk walking away from her council seat. You never know. A minority-majority of Villa Hills voters may choose to elect their first-ever female mayor. Menninger-Isenhour would be marginally better than the law-breaking Martin, despite her poor performance during her one term on city council.
The election is rapidly approaching. There is a great deal at stake. Despite what snarky, non-voting teenagers, their over-defensive mommas and the civic club asshats perpetually say, the dishonest Martin must go. This little crook has wreaked havoc and brought great embarrassment on Villa Hills.

Whether its the selfless Ernie Brown, the rapidly-aging Callery or the meandering Menninger-Isenhour, change is crucial for the future of Villa Hills. The Martin Chronicles would be fine with any of these taking the tiny tyrant's place in the mayor's office on January 1, 2015.

Let's hope that change is just a few hours more than a week away.

"Villa Hills Ain't Covington!"

The Martin Chronicles believes Villa Hills mayoral candidate Irvin Callery is a decent fellow. This despite the cheap shot he took at us in the dinosaur media. By the way, thanks Irvin. Your cheap shot pushed our readership even higher. But we do digress.

Besides, any of the three people running against current malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin would certainly do a better job than the diminutive dictator. The mallet-headed Martin has set the mayoral bar as low as it can possibly get. The three best words to describe Martin's tenure as malfeasant mayor is, "Stink. Stank. Stunk. But we do digress again.

Callery certainly has his base of support:
  • Callery's Villa Hills' supporters are desperate to see someone in the mayor's office possessed of a triple-digit IQ after four years of Martin's abject stupidity.
  • Callery's Villa Hills supporters are desperate to have someone competent and honest in the mayor's office after four years of Martin's incompetence and corruption.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' supporters are desperate to see someone who brings a track record of mostly telling the truth after Martin's four years of lie after lie after lie after lie.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' supporters are desperate to have someone who is professional and knows how to effectively manage employees after Martin's massive unprofessionalism and the diminutive dictator's dishonest mishandling of the local police department's former leadership.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' supporters are desperate to have someone who can effectively manage city operations after Martin's mishandling of the city's now-mostly-defunct street repair program, vendetta against the police department and the miniature mullah's wild spending on city administrative employees-and worse yet-lawyers and legal actions.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' supporters are desperate for someone with experience after seeing Martin-who served two terrible terms on Villa Hills council, was correctly voted out after his judicially justified FORGERY ARREST-and then came back two years later to win the mayor's office by the narrowest of margins, bringing four years of non-stop, public embarrassment to the city.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' supporters are desperate for someone who will find a different solution to the city's problems after four years of Martin's tax increase, after tax increase, after tax increase, after tax increase, after tax increase.
But Callery has his very staunch detractors as well:
  • Callery's Villa Hills' detractors believe that Callery was "asleep at the switch" while now-imprisoned former Finance Director Bob Due was stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the taxpayers of Covington.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' detractors are uneasy about the mayoral candidate's constant references to his "experience in Covington". As one resident put it, "Villa Hills ain't Covington!" Many people are pointing out the fact that Martin's Villa Hills overpaid-by-the taxpayers' City Administrator/Clerk Craigory T. Bohman was once a Covington City Commissioner and that the current Villa Hills' Police Chief once served on the Covington police department. As another longtime resident put it, "If we wanted to be Covington, we wouldn't have incorporated the City of Villa Hills in 1962".
  • Callery's Villa Hills' detractors don't think the city needs another "shifty politician". These detractors are convinced that it was actually Callery himself who falsely planted the story at the civic club that he planned to withdraw from the mayor's race only to get the opportunity to get an unchallenged interview by the dinosaur media.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' detractors think the former Covington mayor is nothing more than the mendacious Martin's "Trojan Horse", who-despite pleas from several Villa Hills' residents to instead run for city council-is in the race simply to guarantee Martin's reelection is a heavily-divided vote. These detractors point to the fact that Callery eagerly jumped at the chance to serve on one of Martin's crooked committees.
  • Callery's Villa Hills detractors think the former Covington mayor was driven by his unchecked ego to move to Villa Hills about three years ago-seeing the corrupt and incompetent Martin as "easy pickings"-simply to redeem himself after his stinging defeat to Denny Bowman some year's ago.
  • Callery's Villa Hills' detractors worry about the former Covington mayor's advanced age. Callery is a septuagenarian, after all. As one Villa Hills' resident pointed out, "Callery would be pushing 80 years old at the end of a first term. Will he really have the energy it's going to take to clean up the terrible mess made by that crook Martin?"
  • Callery's Villa Hills' detractors claim the former Covington mayor is simply and ego-driven opportunist. These detractors worry that he would work hard to turn the reigns of power back over to the malfeasant Martin in the event that he wins on November 4. Detractors say that even Callery understands that he is simply "too damn old" to effectively run the city.
For the purposes of full disclosure, The Martin Chronicles has no preference in the 2014 mayor's race, with one very clear exception. We fully believe that Martin has been an incompetent and totally corrupt failure. He needs to go. And he needs to go now.

November 4 will be here before you know it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

WEEKENDER III: The City Council Race

The Martin Chronicles has been learning as much as we can about the nine candidates vying for the six open seats on the 2015/16 Villa Hills city council. Contested council races are always a tough call. Much like in the four-way mayor's race, we hope the residents are doing a better job of educating themselves before they vote on November 4.

We do know that candidates Berger, Hilgeford, Koenig, Yost-Vaden and Wischer have proudly identified themselves as "The Martin Five". They are all pushing Martin's dishonest myth that Villa Hills is a "city moving forward". This false claim is being made despite four years of media embarrassment, four straight "busted budgets", a disgracefully mistreated local police department, virtually no street repair, incredible sums of taxpayer money squandered on lawyers and legal actions and multiple tax increases.

Sure, at least some of them will be elected. The math of the race absolutely assures that. Residents should clearly understand, however, that a vote for any of those five is also a vote for the malfeasant Martin. Some are actually happy about that. Many others, not so much.

We also know that candidates Bruns, Kilburn and Ringo ended up paying the price for Martin's incompetence and corruption at the ballot box in 2012. Despite a record of selfless work for the residents, these three were voted out in the vain hope that a new council would calm things down and put an end the embarrassment.

We now also know that no council can really work with the mallet-headed Martin. What we once referred to as Martin's "golden moment" council after they were victorious in 2012 have faced nothing but turmoil, threats, evasion, lawsuits and continued scandal since taking office on January 1, 2013.

"Martin World" has been so bad for the tarnished "golden moment" council that the three best councilmembers chose not to even run for reelection this year. A fourth councilmember is so fed up with Martin's antics that she decided to challenge Martin for the seat in the mayor's office. That should tell the residents all they need to know about Martin and "The Martin Five". But it remains to be seen if it will.

We'll tell you what we've learned about the nine city council candidates:
  • Summer Berger - We do know she has been "closely involved" with a bizarre, former Villa Hills councilmember. How? We've read the court documents. We also know that she helped spark yet another lawsuit against Villa Hills taxpayers by her reckless behavior while serving on Martin's so-called "Safety" Committee. But we don't know much else about Ms. Berger. Why? Because she consciously chose to avoid both opportunities made available to her to field questions from the residents during this election cycle.
  • George Bruns - Mr. Bruns has been a public servant for his entire adult life. He began serving the residents when he joined the local volunteer fire department when he was a teenager. Mr. Bruns has lived in Villa Hills almost his entire life. He served ably on Villa Hills' city council as a strong advocate for all things relating to public safety. But, Mr. Bruns was punished for being a-now we know justifiably-outspoken critic of malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin in 2012.
  • Dave Hilgeford- By most accounts, Hilgeford was once a solid citizen who was always willing to serve the public. But, again-by most accounts-something has gone terribly wrong. Former friends of Hilgeford are mystified by the inexplicable loss of his once well-know "independent streak". These former friends are at a loss to explain Hilgeford's recent erratic, dangerous behavior and his bizarre public actions.
  • Greg Kilburn - Mr. Kilburn is an attorney who was chairperson of Villa Hills Public Works committee during the well-documented time when the most street repair was done in the city's history. Mr. Kilburn was actually once a close friend of Mike Martin. But, Kilburn came to realize Martin's deception and gross incompetence. So, Martin took special joy in encouraging voters to defeat Kilburn in the 2012 election.
  • Mary Koenig - The Martin Chronicles has never shied away for our low opinion of Ms. Koenig. She is the ultimate example of an elected official who has simply been around far too long. Koenig was first elected to city council in the last century-1989 to be exact. She is the "good old boy" she always rails against. Besides, she is the only person who was at the epicenter of the suspicious firings of two Villa Hills Police Chiefs.
  • Scott Ringo - Mr. Ringo is clearly the smartest candidate in the nine-person field. In fact, he would be a great choice for Villa Hills' next mayor. It speaks volumes about Mr. Ringo that he chose to run for council instead. He is a huge advocate of public safety and a logical road repair program. Mr. Ringo clearly understands city budgeting and would make the maximum use of every taxpayer dollar. Mr. Ringo was also a victim of the wrong-headed 2012 "housecleaning".  
  • Jennifer Yost-Vaden- She is the most obvious Martin "Kool-Aid" drinker. Despite all of the dinosaur media-reported problems of Martin's mis-administration, Ms. Yost-Vaden is a "true believer". She actually tried to defend Martin's $500,000-plus abject waste of taxpayer money on lawyers and legal fees at the Sensible Citizen's "Mulligan" Town Hall. We aren't prepared to say that Yost-Vaden is clueless. But, she is clearly off-base.
  • Gary Waugaman - Businessman Mr. Waugaman has been a long-time volunteer. He gives his time and his money to St. Joe's. He was willing to serve on multiple committees under the malfeasant Martin. Despite his health problems, Mr. Waugaman has never said "no" to a request to help any worthwhile cause.
  • Brian Wischer - Mr. Wischer is another self-proclaimed member of "The Martin Five" who wants you to falsely believe that the-Martin-and-his crony-caused-troubled Villa Hills is actually a "city moving forward". He is telling dreadful lies on the campaign trail. Do you want an example? Of course you do. Mr. Wischer is actually telling residents that railroaded, former Police Chief Dan Goodenough "wouldn't have received his retirement" is it wasn't for him. And so it goes. This is currently "Martinville", after all.
The voters' decision won't be easy. There simply aren't enough good choices. The voters need to decide exactly how much burden they will place on the next mayor after January 1, 2015.

November 4 is almost upon us.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Desperation Or Stupidity?

The Martin Chronicles offices just received a call from one of its reporters, who is combing the streets of Villa Hills. Our reporter was approached by about a dozen residents from the neighboring city of Crescent Springs.

These out-of-towners told our reporter that the misguided Martin came a-calling on them to ask for their votes and to place yard signs. Our reporter was told that Martin reacted combatively when the bewildered Crescent Springs' residents informed the tiny tyrant that he was "fishing in the wrong pond".

One stunned man said, "It was as if Martin just snapped. We all told him we should know where we live. I suggested he go back across the border in to Villa Hills. What a strange little guy." Yeah, that had to be Martin.

Is Martin's search for votes outside his city and act of desperation? Is Martin just stupid? Of course you know the answer.

The answer to both questions is "yes".