Wednesday, April 23, 2014

REPORT ONE: We'll Do The Deed At The Secret Meeting

The Martin Chronicles incredulously watched Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's unleashed lawlessness tonight. Martin is cooking up a HUGE NEW TAX INCREASE for the residents of Villa Hills. But, the diminutive dictator steadfastly refused to discuss his HUGE NEW TAX INCREASE at tonight's televised meeting.

Instead, the misdirecting Martin insisted on delaying any discussion of his HUGE NEW TAX INCREASE until the untelevised SECRET MEETING scheduled for the month of May. The cackling, vile, ancient crocodile Councilwoman Mary Koenig whole-heartedly supported Martin's DECEPTION. It was truly disgusting. Councilmembers Wischer and Menninger-Isenhour predictably fell in line. So, MARTIN'S DISHONEST FIX IS IN.

Just so you know, Martin has not been the least bit shy about telling his dwindling supporters at the Villa Hills Civic Club that he fully intends to run for re-election. As soon as he files his papers, the die is cast. Villa Hills voters will have to decide if they want to endorse another four years of the dumber-than-a-brick Martin mayhem, or give someone else a chance to fix the sinking ship.

We'll know in 193 days if the voters of Villa Hills decide that they won't get fooled again.

Missing In Action

The Martin Chronicles wants to know-and believes the voters of Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's troubled town should demand to know-why two council members are absent from tonight's City Council meeting? Why? Because-thanks largely to Mike Pope and Jim Noll-Martin's wanton lawlessness has been completely unleashed on the once-proud City along the Ohio River.

Here's the long and the short of it. How can Rod Baehner and Amy Balson possibly defend their absence from tonight's council meeting? There is no good excuse. None whatsoever. There are HUGE SUMS OF TAXPAYER MONEY at stake, after all. In our view-if these two want to serve the public-they need to be there.

Martin is ripping-off the taxpayers of Villa Hills. The City Council is statutorily tasked with keeping the diminutive dictator in line. But they simply can't do that if they don't attend the meetings. What the heck?

Sure, Martin needs to be tossed out on his dishonest ass in November. But he is not the only one who needs to go.

It's time for a MAJOR change.


The Martin Chronicles has been asked to issue the following Public Service Announcement:

If you are playing the now-famous drinking game, "UMMM" while watching Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's City Council meeting tonight, you are advised to stop immediately. For the uninitiated, "UMMM" game players do a shot of whiskey every time Martin says "UMMM". You should also know that the more nervous Martin is, the more he says "UMMM.

We have received reports that one woman passed out even before the Pledge of Allegiance was completed. So, please don't participate.

The sobriety you save may be your own.

Council Meeting Tonight

The Martin Chronicles believes that Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin is scheduled to preside over another council meeting tonight. Counting tonight's gathering, there are only six more of these debacles until the November election. So, we look for Martin to be in full re-election mode, spewing LIES like a lawn sprinkler.

That's why the entire staff is consuming cup after cup of coffee and preparing their Martin "scorecards". We'll have people all over gathering information about tonight's meeting. We suspect our "Martin BS-O-Meter" will get a real workout.

We'll be bringing you our usual in depth analysis, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"The Devil" Is ALWAYS In The Details

The Martin Chronicles has been waiting. We guess that many residents of Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin have been waiting as well. What are we and they waiting for? Well, after Martin and his goon squad successfully railroaded long-serving Police Chief Dan Goodenough out of his job, the tiny tyrant promised to "release the details of the so-called 'agreement' in 10 days".

Hmmm. Is that right? You don't say? But Chief Goodenough got the Martin shaft on March 24. And today is April 22. Judging by the perpetually busted budgets, we know the diminutive dictator is a might on the weak side when it comes to "cipherin'". But, this math problem is even easier than Jethro Bodine's "naught times naught is naught, carry yer naught".

For the uninitiated, it has been approximately 29 days since Martin promised to release the still-unreleased "agreement" with former Police Chief Dan Goodenough in 10 days. As the Martin Chronicles is wont to do, we are going to ask our readers to take a math quiz.

Are you ready? Okay, here goes:

A. 10 > 29
B. 10 < 29
C. 10 = 29
D. All of the above

Pencils down. We will score it for you. If you answered anything else but "B", you don't realize that the mendacious Martin was LYING to you yet again.

So-not surprisingly-the misleading Martin has conned the residents of Villa Hills another time. A whole lot more than ten days has gone by and the conniving con artist has yet to explain why former Police Chief Dan Gooenough agreed to undeservedly fall on his sword.

For people who have finally figured out the DISHONEST Martin, they are not astonished. We truly worry about anyone else who is flabbergasted by Martin's pro forma FALSEHOOD.

For those people who have finally figured out the DISHONEST Martin, they know the looming drill. Perhaps a concerned resident will ask about the details of former Police Chief Dan Goodenough at this week's sham of a City Council meeting. But they will be sidetracked  by "holier that thou" pronouncements from the malevolent Martin and his TAXPAYER-FUNDED wingman, personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry saying that they can't discuss the settlement because it's an "employee issue" or perhaps the subject of "pending litigation".

Are they admitting that Martin LIED when he promised to release the details of the "settlement" in 10 days? The answer isn't "YES". The answer is "HELL, YES"!

Sources tell us that the miscreant Martin and his TAXPAYER-FUNDED GOON SQUAD fully intended to screw former Police Chief Dan Goodenough from the jump. Why? Because the maniacal Martin was hell-bent on getting his revenge on the final person he incorrectly blamed for his 2007 FORGERY ARREST that took place when Martin was caught red-handed signing his deceased mother's name on his deceased mother's checks, CASHING those checks intended for his deceased mother and POCKETING the proceeds.

These same sources tell us that Martin forced out former Police Chief Goodenough with FALSE promises of a "fair settlement". Then, Martin fully intended to lay impossible provisions on to the so-called "fair settlement" forcing former Police Chief Goodenough in to the position of having to file a costly lawsuit to get what he was promised.

Who gets hurt by this DISHONEST Martin strategy? The taxpayers get hurt, of course. Why? Because they will be forced to allow Martin to squander more of their money on lawyers and lawsuits. Is Martin's misuse of TAXPAYER MONEY DISGUSTING? Of course it is.

What can the taxpayer do? It won't be easy. But, if they are finally worn out on Martin's non-stop LIES, they have to elect a new mayor this November 4.

We'll know if the voters have finally had enough in 195 days.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Where Is The "Unofficial" City Website?

The Martin Chronicles staff knows we aren't the only ones who realize that is less than 197 eventful days until "Judgment Day" in malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills. We read the posts on the social networks that proclaim they can't wait until the day Martin is tossed out of the mayor's office. Brothers and sisters, we couldn't agree more with those posters.

But where are the usual suspects? Why have they gone so very silent? You know who we mean. Let's look at just one of those usual suspects.

Wasn't it the failed 2006 mayoral candidate Mike Pope who spent so much time FALSELY challenging the previous administration on virtually every issue on his "unofficial" City website? So, where is Mike Pope now?

Why has Mike Pope "gone dark"? If ever a troubled, vastly over-taxed City needed help, it's right now.
  • Surely, Mike Pope realizes that every non-scofflaw resident continues to pay the UNFAIR $40 PER CAR STICKER TAX? So, where is he?
  • Surely, Mike Pope realizes that there is truly now NO LOG (POPE'S OWN SPELLING) TERM FIFTY YEAR ROAD PLAN in place to repair the City's rapidly disintegrating City streets? So, where is he?
  • Surely, Mike Pope realizes that his family is far, far, far less safe after the miscreant Martin has done everything his pea brain can imagine to destroy the local police department? So, where is he?
  • Surely, Mike Pope understands that it is impossibly indefensible for Martin to squander huge sums of TAXPAYER MONEY deploying his personal attorney Toad V. McMurtry to suck the TAXPAYERS OF VILLA HILLS DRY as the City Attorney? So, where is he?
  • Surely, Mike Pope understands that Martin's Executive Order giving the tiny tyrant unprecedented permission to arrest "dissidents" is a far cry from the "family friendly" he FALSELY claimed he hoped for in 2006? So, where is he?
  • Surely, Mike Pope realizes that his hero Mike Martin convenes a true "secret meeting" each and every month? Martin pushes first readings on ordinances that advance his diabolical agenda at every non-televised, "SECRET" caucus meeting. So, where is he?
  • Surely, Mike Pope has heard that the taxpayers of his City are paying $215,000 a year for building and zoning services. Isn't he bothered that Martin and the City Clerk who just received a whopping THIRTY-THREE PER CENT PAY RAISE are pushing to spend even more TAXPAYER MONEY on a "nuisance officer"? So, where is he?
We certainly do wonder where Pope is. We also wonder what has happened to the likes of Kentoncounty1, meto3130 and skittel? Where are they when their City desperately needs them?

It looks like its going to be up to The Martin Chronicles to carry the load. We certainly don't mind. Because unlike Mike Pope, Kentoncounty1, meto3130 and skittel, we're telling you the truth.

Then it will be up to the voters on November 4.

Friday, April 18, 2014

WEEKENDER: Easy To Be Sleazy

The Martin Chronicles is amazed at how easy it is for Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin to be sleazy. Just look at his shameless practice of perpetually using TAXPAYER money to surround himself with his cronies.

Martin didn't wait long to build his TAXPAYER-FUNDED  "good old boy" network. He brought his old pal Cordelia Schaber on to the CITY PAYROLL to mangle the books just weeks after taking office in January, 2011. Schaber has been a bucket-headed disaster whose complete lack of accounting ability continues to make it easy for Martin to prevent the voters from knowing the true extent of his profligate spending. Taxpayers can take no comfort in the grim fact that Martin is forcing them to pay Schaber $47.50 PER HOUR despite her abject incompetence.

What else but cronyism explains Martin's hiring of the socially-awkward giantess Mary Hardman, supposedly just for tax season, in 2011? Not surprisingly, Hardman continued to have her snout in the TAXPAYER TROUGH well after tax season ended. To repay Martin for paying her all of that TAXPAYER-FUNDED MONEY, Hardman went so far as to tell the tall tale that she thought it was okay for Martin to ILLEGALLY DESTROY CITY RECORDS because she read a book about how to be a clerk.

Perhaps the hire that continues to have more people all across the Tri-State scratching their heads than any other is Martin's indefensible appointment of his personal attorney Toad V. McMurtry to serve as the TAXPAYER-FUNDED CITY ATTORNEY. It wouldn't even matter if McMurtry was a good attorney-and that is hotly debated. The appearance of impropriety and conflict of interest are both staggering. But since when has Martin cared about that? He is the CEO, after all.

Long-time Martin observers also tell us that the puny punk constantly complained that retired Police Chief Michael "Corky" Brown served as the part-time City Administrator from late 2004 until 2008. The little liar griped that it was a waste of money to pay Brown for his knowledge and experience.

My, how times have changed. Martin now has no problem giving City Clerk Craig T. Bohman a TAXPAYER FUNDED THIRTY-THREE PERCENT PAY INCREASE to also serve as the "part-time City Administrator". So, does Martin now see the value of the position? Or, is Martin using TAXPAYER MONEY to repay Bohman for the key role he played in running off both Assistant Chief Joe Schutzman and Chief Dan Goodenough?

And now Martin is going to help  Erlanger Captain Jansing build yet another TAXPAYER-FUNDED PENSION? This is not about Erlanger Captain Jansing. This is about Mike Martin's cronyism.

As we have already reported, sources say Martin is considering extending a five-year contract to Jansing. This could tie the hands of a new mayor if Martin is defeated in the upcoming election.

Suppose a new mayor wanted to go in a different direction come January 1, 2015? Would Martin's legacy of lawyers and lawsuits continue well past his terrible term in office? That is entirely possible.

November 4 cannot get here soon enough.