Thursday, April 17, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: The Fix Is In Again

The Martin Chronicles sources in the City of Erlanger are telling us that malfeasant Mayor Martin has already chosen a successor for ousted Police Chief Dan Goodenough. These sources tell us that Martin, Mary Koenig and others have already selected former Crescent Springs Police Chief Mike Jansing to leave his job in Erlanger to begin building a third retirement nest egg as the Chief of Villa Hills' decimated department.

We are also hearing that Jansing is being quite open about the back door deal he's struck with Martin. First, Martin and his supplicant Safety Committee will go through the charade of interviewing candidates. Then, they will announce that they have decided to hire Jansing. They just won't announce that the decision was made even before any other candidates were interviewed.

Jansing is also telling people that he's gotten Martin to agree to signing a five-year contract that will secure Jansing's employment even if the voters toss the tiny tyrant out on November 4.

Barely 200 days to go!
Mike Jansing

A Smart Radio

The Martin Chronicles staff has really been enjoying all of the folksy humor that's been making the rounds in  malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills recently. We know, the stories aren't new. But they sure are funny when they're customized to the current sorry state in that troubled town.

We heard this one yesterday.

A Villa Hills resident was very pleased with the new sound system he had installed in his car. Not only was the sound incredible, it was much safer. Why? Because all he now had to do was tell the radio the genre of music he wanted and the radio would find it for him.

He was showing off his new radio to a friend as they were traveling to Reds game recently. First he said, "Radio, country music" and a Keith Urban song began to play. Then he said, "Radio, classic rock" and The Rolling Stone's "Jumpin' Jack Flash" blasted from the speakers.

Finally, the two decided they wanted to get ready for the game so the driver said, "Radio, Reds' pre-game" and they were greeted to Marty's interview of Bryan Price. They settled in for the rest of the trip.

Suddenly, a car full of partiers ran a red light and careened in to the intersection. The wild driver nearly t-boned the Villa Hills resident and his friend. Quick thinking and good driving prevented a disaster.

The Villa Hills resident looked at his friend and said, "crazy assholes". The radio immediately began to play  a cover of the old Bee Gee's song "Jive Talkin'" being performed by Mike Martin, Toad V. McMurtry and Craig T. Bohman.

The resident could only say, "That certainly makes sense".


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Cat's Out Of The Bag

The Martin Chronicles inadvertently published a draft of our findings of our investigative report in to the civic club. Whoops! We're sorry. But things happen.

We can tell you this. What we've learned will explain a lot of what has happened over the past several years.

Please stand by.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Things People Are Pondering

The Martin Chronicles reporting staff obviously spends much more time listening to the opinions and questions of the many residents of malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills than the tiny tyrant and his cronies do. We also hear the observations made by people from outside Martin's troubled town. 

It is a generally accepted fact that Martin and his cronies receive most of their feeble feedback from the venal supporters who gravitate at places like the civic club and from like-minded, below-the-belters including the bilious blowhard Kenton County Judge Executive Steve Arlinghaus. We certainly hope Martin and his cronies stay in their odd echo chamber, hearing nothing more than "at-a-boys" for their atrocious behavior.

Many "everyday people" are wondering what suddenly caused Martin to change his views on what he has always FALSELY described as "double-dipping". Why? Because Martin and his City Clerk-and now TAXPAYER-FUNDED City Administrator-Craig T, Bohman are proposing the appointment of one of the Public Works employees to also serve as the "nuisance officer".

What's up with that? Shouldn't Public Works be busy fixing the City's decaying streets? It's obvious that Martin was LYING in 2010 when he told many residents that he could repeal the UNFAIR $40 PER CAR STICKER TAX and find the money required to repair streets out of the City's existing budget,

First of all, every non-scofflaw resident is still paying the UNFAIR $40 PER CAR STICKER TAX. Worse yet, virtually no real road repair and replacement has been done since Martin plopped his but in the mayor's office on January 1, 2011. This is a complete disgrace.

Many "everyday people" are also wondering what happened to Martin's FALSE 2010 campaign claim that safety is his "first priority"? Why? Because it has become abundantly clear to many, many residents that Martin has strangely spent most of his time DISMANTLING the Villa Hills Police Department.

Martin has intentionally kept the local department under-staffed since he took office. And, Martin has spent a great deal of taxpayer money to DEFAME the previous police department leadership.

So, if the rumors of Kenton County Sheriff's officers napping in their cruisers is true, how safe are the residents? Martin's handling of this issue has been a complete disgrace.

A growing number of citizens are also wondering about Martin's FALSE promise to bring greater "transparency" to City Government. Where is this supposed transparency?

Martin, Mary Koenig and their willing accomplices are intentionally hiding the true cost of Martin's vendetta-driven obsession with wasting TAXPAYER money on lawyers and legal actions. Koenig is "on the record" saying that "the residents don't need to know that" Huh?. Really? You don't say? Is that a fact?

Then there is the City's crappy website. Most residents have come to the realization that the crappy website has devolved in to nothing more that a piece of propaganda promoting Martin and his wrong-headed agenda. Bad, bad, bad

A growing number of residents are also questioning Martin's BOGUS claim that he was somehow going to bring some already-in place "honesty and integrity" to the mayor's office. Who was he kidding? Oh, yeah. He was kidding the razor thin majority who put his undeserving hind end in to that aforementioned mayor's office.

After all, isn't it Martin who:
  • Received a "confidential reprimand" from the Villa Hills Ethics Board for his MISUSE of City personnel and resources?
  • Was proven to have committed FORGERY by four respected appellate judges?
  • Was dressed down by a judge for his ILLEGAL DESTRUCTION of City records?
  • Was caught in the LIE that things would get better if he was surrounded by a new council in 2012?
  • That hired his own personal attorney to serve as the City Attorney?
  • That was caught in the LIE that former Police Chief Dan Goodenough was just taking a few days off?
People are wondering about the DISENGENUOUS statement Martin made when questioned about his now-known-to-be-true charge about his misplaced vendetta against former Police Chief Dan Goodenough and former Assistant Police Chief Joe Schutzman at the 2010 civic club hillbilly hoedown  "candidate forum"., When challenged about that now-known-to-be-true-vendetta, Martin FALSELY denied it and said that they all just needed to "work together". What has happened since clearly proves that Martin was LYING

Martin's intentional destruction of the Villa Hills Police Department is now an obvious fact. Voters finally surrounded Martin with pinheads like Brian Wischer, Holly B. Menninger Isenhour and the always-around-when-a-police-chief-is-terminated lMary Koenig. That disgrace is shared.

Many, many townsfolk are asking why Martin believes he can trample over their First Amendment rights. Martin signed an Executive Order granting him unprecedented power to arrest "dissidents", after all.

Will these dissidents reply on November 4? 

Friday, April 11, 2014

WEEKENDER: ALL Problems Are Management Problems

The Martin Chronicles has been keeping close tabs on the shifting public sentiment in malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's Villa Hills. Much of what we are hearing gives us hope that a credible candidate who runs the right kind of campaign has a good chance to replace Martin in the mayor's office on January 1, 2015. We are sure you're not surprised to read that The Martin Chronicles believes that would be a very good thing for the mismanaging Martin's troubled town.

One of the major signs that points towards success for a potential  Martin opponent is the rapidly growing realization that Martin is an unrepentant LIAR. Sure, we could recount an almost endless list of examples that demonstrate that fact. But the one moment that has become indelibly etched in the minds of many townsfolk was Martin's LIE that former Police Chief Dan Goodenough was simply "taking a few days off" just a few weeks ago.

People now understand that Martin told reporters from Channels 5, 9, 12, 19 and the dinosaur print media that LIE after he and his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry had already presented Goodenough with the unseemly ultimatum to either quietly resign or face the notorious Martin "smear machine". That LIE was cemented in people's minds when the incredibly costly and obviously bogus dismissal hearing began just a few days later.

Secondly, the misdirecting Martin did serious damage to the false persona he has been desperately attempting to create for himself as a competent manager over the past three-plus years during Goodenough's dismissal hearing. How so? Martin actually admitted that he had never once met with Goodenough to discuss his concerns.

Instead, Martin feebly complained that he is only being paid $200 a month and simply didn't have the time to meet with the Chief to discuss the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were being wasted on the unnecessary, TAXPAYER-FUNDED overtime that was incurred as a result of Martin's conscious decision to keep the police department woefully understaffed. It was pathetic.

Thirdly, Martin is tearing down his FALSE image that he is a "nice guy who does great things for people". The excessive celebration by Martin and his venal cronies in the aftermath of Goodenough's forced retirement give residents the true measure of Martin's CORRUPT and CALLOUS character.

Sure, the ass clowns at the civic club are lapping it up. Many have read their stupid posts on the social networks. But most residents are sickened by the embarrassing behavior of the mean-spirited Martin and his venal cronies.

The most encouraging clues are being provided by people who are letting it be well known that they understand that "ALL problems are management problems". How can Martin justify forcing out former Assistant Chief Joe Schutzman and now former Police Chief Dan Goodenough when it is now an established fact that Martin never once took the time to discuss his so-called "concerns" with either man? Who's problem is that? Well, the obvious answer is that it is the sole problem of the mismanaging Martin.

We hate to say we told you so, But we did tell you so. We have been telling you for years now that Martin's stupid proclamation that he is "the CEO" and that all decisions are his and that if you didn't like it you simply had to "get over it" because Martin was "moving on"?

So who is responsible for this mess? Well, by the tiny tyrant's own words, this mess is the sole property of Martin himself. In short, Martin has been the sole architect of this embarrassing disaster, Yes, he's had support from his TAXPAYER-FUNDED GOON SQUAD and his mindless inner circle. But the decisions were his, and his alone.

Judgment day is now a little more than 200 days away. More than 1,250 days of Martin mayhem have gone by now. Will the voter's finally end Martin's pathetic political career on Tuesday, November 4?

We think they just might.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Evening Follow-Up

The Martin Chronicles has to admit that even we are surprised by how much public celebration Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin and his cronies are doing over their recent railroading of Villa Hills Police Chief Dan Goodenough. Their behavior is disgraceful even for the very low standards set by these jackwagons.

As we reported this morning, witnesses are telling us that council members Koenig and Menninger-Isenhour are ebullient about the rotten fruit they have served-up to Villa Hills residents. Other observers tell us that the mismanaging Martin seems convinced that he can now blame the Villa Hills Police leadership for all of his miserable mismanagement as we head in to an election season. It's truly disgusting.

We understand-but don't agree with-some of it. Why?
  • Martin has finally gained his complete revenge against all of the people he incorrectly blames for his 2007 FORGERY ARREST. And, the tiny tyrant now believes he has a LIE he can tell to justify his undeserving reelection this year.
  • Martin's personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry has earned a TAXPAYER-FUNDED king's ransom carrying out the miniature mullah's wrong-headed vendetta over the diminutive dictator's 2007 FORGERY ARREST. Hey, it's great work if you can find it.
  • The vile, ancient crocodile Mary Koenig has never met a Villa Hills Police Chief she didn't want to see terminated.
  • The dimbulb ass clowns who nightly populate the civic club bar now have a scapegoat they can blame for their EMBEZZLEMENT PROBLEMS.
  • Yes, we know why Menninger-Isenhour and Wischer are so happy. But we'll tell you why later.
But what about the other folks?
  • Does the woman who took to a podium to oddly proclaim that "this mayor (Martin) does great things for people really believe that the railroading of Goodenough was a good thing?
  • Is the little fellow who LIED to either the Villa Hills Police or the Special Counsel still happy that he did so?
  • Are the morons who STOLE the "Mayor Martin Please Resign Now" and "Save OUR Villa Hills Police Department signs still happy that they did so?
  • Do the voters who believed that local elections  don't matter in 2010 and 2012 still believe that?
We'll know for sure in less than seven months. Why? That is when there will be a referendum on what the mendacious Martin and his cronies have done will occur, That is when we'll know for sure.

What path will Villa Hills voters choose?

We'll Be Giddy Then

The Martin Chronicles is hearing that Villa Hills Council members Mary Koenig and Holly B. Menninger-Isenhour just can't mask how giddy they are that malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin has railroaded former Police Chief Dan Goodenough out of his job. The only people happier are Martin and his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry.

We'll be giddy when all four of them are gone on January 1, 2015.