Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Truth Is Out There

The Martin Chronicles thanks all of its loyal audience for the continued queries about our "next post". Rest assured, we are hard at work on a still-embargoed story about a major injustice perpetrated by Villa Hills' previous administration that still needs to be resolved. In point of fact, that resolution is long overdue.

We have learned that a recent judicial ruling creates the very real possibility that at least some of the perpetrators of that injustice may finally be forced to face harsh questioning while under oath. If any of these perpetrators actually decide not to lie under oath, the residents of Villa Hills will finally hear confirmation about the shocking, vendetta-driven conspiracy that led to the bilking of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars out of the City treasury.

The Martin Chronicles understands that Villa Hills' new administration would like nothing better than to put the last four "vile and disgusting" years in the town's rear view mirror. But, this new administration should be mindful of that age old warning, "Objects In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear".

You see, the "brain trust" of those past four "vile and disgusting" years has no plans to do the right thing and simply go away. Quite the opposite. Instead, these villains are actively planning yet another undeserved comeback. A mega-dose of the truth is in order to finally put these crooks in the dustbin of history-where they most certainly belong-once and for all.

Please let the aggrieved have their "day in court". Let the story play out. Let the residents of the City who elected a vengeful, little liar in 2010 finally see the very ugly truth. 

First, the truth should be revealed. Secondly, that truth may prevent the voters of Villa Hills from making a similar colossal mistake for many, many, many years.

More to come

Monday, February 23, 2015

Rules Are Still For Everybody Else

The Martin Chronicles continues to be grateful for all of our readers who continue to e-mail, call and text asking when our next post will be published. We all value our large, loyal audience. Thank you all. Even those of you who consider us "vile and disgusting".

While we're on the subject of "vile and disgusting", our vast network of sources provided us with a bit of news that no one who has been reading us for awhile will find shocking. Not surprisingly, a former mayor of Villa Hills-who only received an hilariously small 18% of the vote last November 4 in his dishonest, failed quest for re-election-evidently continues to believe "rules are for everybody else".

We are hearing that this erstwhile, evil emperor is back full bore in the unlicensed electrical business. In fact we have been told that Villa Hills' disgraced former mayor is doing unlicensed electrical work for a local contractor who also has no electrical license. In other words, the unlicensed electrical work the former mayor is doing is-to perhaps be far too polite-"improper".

For any remaining apologists who still feel compelled to explain away the asinine antics of the former mayor's 01-01-11 through 12-31-14 Reign of Error, its far past time to "deal with it". He was a lousy CEO. He made terrible, corrupt decisions. He was moved on by the finally-attentive voters. And, he continues to believe that the rules apply to everyone else but him.

There is no room for discussion on this topic. If someone is being paid to do electrical work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, State Law clearly mandates that this someone must have an electrical license to legally perform that work. There is no murkiness or nuance. It is either right or it is wrong. It is either good or it is bad. Black letter law. Plain and simple. Performing unlicensed electrical work is decidedly wrong.

Yes, The Martin Chronicles thinks this is very important. Why? Because the former, disgraced mayor of Villa Hills is already actively planning his next comeback. Solid sources confirm that he is telling anyone who will listen that he is "a lock" to be elected to city council in 2016 as a prelude to his triumphant return to the mayor's office on January 1, 2019. Don't kid yourself. History often repeats itself.

The voters of Villa Hills somehow have to remember that there is no room for a misguided mayor who oddly believes that the power he possesses somehow makes him exempt from the simple rules the rest of us must follow. If you don't believe that basic fact, the four year-long embarrassment from which Villa Hills just recently emerged should quickly bring you to your senses.

This is precisely why The Martin Chronicles isn't going anywhere.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


The Martin Chronicles is sitting on an amazing story about a suspected conspiracy that could cost the taxpayers of Villa Hills a large fortune. All but about 18% of last November 4's Villa Hills voters knew something was terribly wrong with the previous mayoral administration.

The 82-plus% of voters who unceremoniously tossed out the previous mayor knew something wasn't kosher. They didn't believe even a little bit of the very rosy-and very false-story the previous mayor was telling them during last year's local election campaign.

They knew about the ridiculous legal fees that the previous mayor had cost them. These voters had finally figured out that the previous mayor was wasting dreadful sums of their money conducting a vicious vendetta against everyone the erstwhile tiny tyrant blamed for his judicially-justified 2007 forgery arrest.

But, rest assured that we have learned that the new mayor and the majority of city council are exploring ways to minimize the damage the previous mayor left behind for the taxpayers. Perhaps at least some of the monetary damage facing the taxpayers can be shared with the people who actually caused it.

Here's a hint. The Martin Chronicles is going to provide you with the recognized definition for the word malpractice:

"The breach by a member of a profession of either a standard of care or a standard of conduct."

"Malpractice refers to negligence or misconduct by a professional person, such as a lawyer. The failure to meet a standard of care or standard of conduct that is recognized by a profession reaches the level of malpractice when a client is injured or damaged because of error."

(The Martin Chronicles continues with the recognized definition)

"A lawyer has the duty, in all dealings and relations with a client, to act with honesty, good faith, fairness, integrity, and fidelity. A lawyer must possess the legal skill and knowledge that is ordinarily possessed by members of the profession."

That is more than enough for now.

Friday, February 13, 2015

WEEKENDER II: The Embarrassment Continues

The Martin Chronicles has learned from well-placed sources that the recently-deposed mayor of Villa Hills recently suffered another stinging defeat. Evidently the deposed diminutive dictator still hasn't digested the magnitude of the rejection he was dealt on November 4, 2014.

You remember the incredible level of rejection the recently-deposed diminutive dictator of Villa Hills was dealt on November 4, 2014, don't you? Despite the fact that the City he mismanaged had received several accolades in 2014, the tiny tyrant only received 18% of the vote in his four-way re-election bid. You see, the voters of Villa Hills finally realized that the City received these accolades despite the corruption and mismanagement of their now-former mayor and sent him packing in the loudest-and most humiliating-way.

But the now-former miniature mullah has not come to the same realization. And with very good reason. You see, the little liar rose from the ashes of his 2008 electoral defeat following his now-judicially justified 2007 FORGERY ARREST to actually be elected mayor of Villa Hills by a razor-thin margin in 2010. It seems like the little fella firmly believes he can fool the voters yet again.

Well, in an attempt to remain relevant, the former tiny tyrant put his hat in the ring to be elected to a high profile post on the PDS (once known as the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission). The Martin Chronicles suspects that the little fella was attempting to rebuild his pathetic resume while he bides his time awaiting another undeserved "comeback".

The good news? It did not go the way the disgraced, former mayor of Villa Hills was hoping. But, it did go the way it should have.

So how many votes did the little liar get? Well, uh, errr, ah, he got NO votes. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Evidently the little fella's PDS "colleagues" also understand what a dishonest doofus the former tiny tyrant is.

But, does that mean that Villa Hills disgraced former mayor will finally do the right thing and just go away? Of course not. He has already told his very small band of supporters that he is "a lock to be elected to city council in 2016 and then returned to the mayor's office in 2018".

It is sleepy Villa Hills, after all.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

WEEKENDER: Oh, We're Still Here

The Martin Chronicles is truly humbled by the many phone calls, texts and emails we have received over these past ten days asking when our next post is coming. We've come to realize that many, many people consider us the very best source for local reportage in Northern Kentucky. Despite the fact that the tiny tyrant of Villa Hills-whose Reign of Error ran roughshod over the taxpayers' treasury from January 1, 2011 until the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2014-has been resoundingly defeated, we still have a great deal of work to do.

We can tell you this. We are currently working on a major story about a colossal problem the now-deposed diminutive dictator callously left behind when he exited the Mayor's Office for the final time. Several deep cover sources are telling us that several of the lies the little fella who was in the Mayor's Office told are going to have far reaching-and very costly-implications for the taxpayers of the City he abjectly mismanaged until recently. The story is currently embargoed at the request of some very decent people who will be directly impacted by the outcome. But, this shocking story will come out.

We also want you to consider something. Why is it that one of the very few remaining members of the former mayor's "goon squad" (who should be fired) had to travel to the Kenton County Courthouse to retrieve important documents required to fill an Open Records request? These requested documents were issued from the former Villa Hills Mayor's Office, after all.

So, where are the City of Villa Hills' copies of those requested records? Shouldn't the "Custodian of Records" (read: City Clerk) already have copies of those records available at the Villa Hills City Building? That is exactly what the law requires. Why did the "Custodian of Records" (read: City Clerk) have to travel to the Kenton County Courthouse to retrieve copies?

It doesn't make any sense. None at all. That is, unless you know the horrible history of the miniscule man who only managed to get 18% of the vote in last November's Villa Hills mayoral race. Long-time readers of The Martin Chronicles are very well aware that the fractional former mayor left a licentious legacy of illegal document destruction that continued well after a respected judge ordered him to stop it in 2012. Does that explain the trip to the courthouse? Perhaps it does.

Villa Hills residents need to completely understand that the City's taxpayer-funded insurance will not cover the great, looming expense of their former mayor's misdeeds. Especially when it involves intentional acts by their former mayor and his goon squad. All these residents really need to do is get on the internet to research the terrible cost of the intentional acts of the former mayor of Park Hills to get an understanding of the serious finacial hit they very well might be facing very soon.

It may come as some small consolation to the residents of Villa Hills that their former mayor and members of his former goon squad are probably also facing dire finacial consequences for their misdeeds and possible conspiracy. We can only hope that they too pay a very heavy price for their dishonesty and their inexplicable vendetta.

Exactly who was that vapid nitwit who infamously took to a podium to proclaim that this (now former) mayor does great things for people?

Sunday, February 1, 2015


The Martin Chronicles is completely inclined to give new Villa Hills Mayor Irvin "Butch Callery the benefit of the doubt. What the heck? His immediate predecessor was a grossly incompetent and massively dishonest crook.

The early reports on Callery's mayoral performance have been very good. Callery certainly has a great deal of experience gained in Covington. Callery is an affable, communicative fellow (by all accounts). Callery has no "natural predators" (since he has only lived in the town he was elected to govern for a very few years).

Having said that, The Martin Chronicles will incessantly beat the drum to encourage Callery and the new council to completely turn the page on the cesspool of corruption Callery's mayoral predecessor dishonestly constructed. Otherwise, Villa Hills cannot move on from the disgraceful dishonest of these past four years.

In part, The Martin Chronicles refers to a taxpayer-funded position that Callery's predecessor first ran to eliminate in 2004, and then oddly decided to create to do his corrupt bidding in 2011. Namely, the taxpayer-funded position of City Administrator.

Why does the City of Villa Hills need a taxpayer-funded City Administrator now? In point of fact, the City-and the taxpayers-don't need a City Administrator.

Why? Mayor Callery is retired. Mayor Callery has more than enough free time to oversee the day-to-day operations of a small town the size of Villa Hills. Hey, Callery must have gained more than enough experience in Covington to run a small city like Villa Hills. Why does he need someone as divisive as the current City Administrator to do the job Callery himself could-and should-do? What the #e!!? Memory tells us that Callery asked for the job. It's time for the old boy to get to work.

Besides, the current City Administrator is an anachronistic vestige of the tremendous corruption left over from Callery's predecessor. Callery quickly asked Martin's personal-and then City-Attorney to walk the plank. Callery now needs to make the same request of the sycophant City Administrator who proved himself most willing to do the bidding of Callery's corrupt predecessor.

Callery needs to chase away all of the skunks and finish turning the page.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: Martin The Mesmerizer

The Martin Chronicles continues to hear chatter about former Mayor Mike Martin across the town he on disgracefully mismanaged. Many Villa Hills residents are expressing deep regret that they once somehow fell under the sinister spell of the dishonest little fella.

The reaction our reporters continue to witness is like watching a large group of people describing their experiences as if they had awakened from an hypnotic trance. Our reporters have heard many people say things like, "I can't believe I ever trusted a thing that guy (Martin) said" or "whatever made me think such a stupid little man had the capacity to manage anything", acting like the poor subject who refuses to believe that they actually clucked and strutted like a chicken after being mesmerized by the hypnotist who brought them up on the stage.

But, Martin was able to mesmerize a good number of-otherwise-more-or-less-bright-people in to, first, voting for him in 2010 and, second, throwing out a hard-working City Council who spent the first two, dreadful years of Martin's mayoral tenure opposing the former tiny tyrant's corruption and incompetence in the 2012 election. The facts are the facts. These terrible things did happen.

So, how did these terrible things happen? Well, Martin exactly fits the mold of almost every tin pot dictator and tyrant who have wreaked mayhem and havoc since time immemorial. Martin is certainly not the first "bad guy" who used lies and fear to get them the power they so desperately craved.

Much like previous despots, Martin was twice able to falsely convince an inexplicably gullible electorate that he was their "champion". Martin deftly deceived people in to believing that he was the "one" who would fight the undefined "dark forces" that were supposedly conspiring to "keep them all down". Don't you remember the morons who wore hats adorned with signs reading "Follow Me To The Witch Hunt" at Martin's much-deserved 2012 removal hearing? Heck, even a former Kenton County Judge Executive committed political suicide when he publicly backed the undeserving Martin. Sad. But also very true.

Like virtually all tyrannical rulers who eventually-and most deservedly-end up in history's dustbin, Martin cleverly used bogus "straw men" who they dishonestly claimed were out to "get everybody" in order to attain the power they supposedly desired. Martin's undeserving "straw men" were Sadouskas, Schutzman, Goodenough, Bruns, Kilburn, Ringo, Sogar, Taliaferro, Duncan, Robbins, road work (that Martin completely ignored for his four years as mayor), the city budget (that Martin recklessly mismanaged) and the hated, unfair $40 per car sticker tax (that Martin fully embraced until he became desperate for re-election in 2014).

And, like virtually all tyrannical rulers who eventually-and most deservedly-ended up in history's dustbin, Martin had his fair share of "useful idiots" who foolishly aided him in pushing his pernicious propaganda. Do you want at least a partial list of these "useful idiots"? Of course you do:
  • Every single corrupt civic club ass clown. You should know who these morons are by now. If you don't, just check out the useless jack-wagons who huddle around the "lodge bar" virtually any night of the week.
  • Former Council-geek Mike Pope, whose sick websites intentionally spread Martin's lies for years.
  • Local lunatic Boom-shaka-laka, who-for his own sick, twisted reasons-was willing to spread Martin's sick lies on rubber-banded toe tags that he crazily distributed all over town in 2010.
  • Former Council-stoner Jim Noll, who was the only one impressed with his pompous and misguided pronouncements.
  • The dishonest-and failed 2012 council candidate-Dale Schaber, who 2012 voters correctly decided was only trying to protect the $47.50 per hour, taxpayer-funded, rip-off, crony-hire job Martin handed to his wife Cordelia to cover Martin's fouled-up financial tracks. Fortunately, Dale Schaber is staring down the barrel of a serious lawsuit for his fraudulent efforts.
  • The small band of twisted teeny-boppers who inexplicably felt compelled to lick the bottom of Martin's hob-nailed jackboots as they desperately toiled to prop up their undeserving teen-idol tyrant.
  • The mean-spirited, social-networking opinionated haters who evidently crave nothing more than to screw-over undeserving people simply to find a way to justify their sick, twisted "world view".
  • The vile, ancient crocodile Mary Koenig, who has been spreading her own brand of baseless and dishonest HATRED since before she was first elected to city council in the last century-1989 to be exact.
  • The moronic woman who took to a podium in early 2013 to bewilderingly proclaim that, "this mayor (Martin) does great things for people". If this pathetic idiot wants to really know what happened between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2014, she needs to talk to former Villa Hills Police Chief Dan Goodenough. But, of course, she is too much of a craven coward to do that.
Yes, these abject fools and others helped get Martin get elected mayor in 2010. These thoughtless tools also helped Martin "get what he wanted" in 2012. The entire four years of Martin's Reign of Error were an unmitigated disaster for which these (and other) "useful idiots" finally need to take at least some shameful credit. But, they won't. Why? Because they are either crazy or craven cowards.

We get on our knees and pray, "We don't get fooled again".

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Next up, the words that may have finally brought 82% of Villa Hills' voters out of Martin's demonic spell.]