Friday, July 25, 2014

WEEKENDER: Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick Redux

The Martin Chronicles is amazed by the rapid passage of time. By the time Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's dreadful "Reign of Error" ends its first-and hopefully only-orbit around the inner circle of Dante's Inferno, the diminutive dictator will have spent 1,461 days severely screwing up Villa Hills once well-running City Government.

Lies. Corruption. Incompetence. Mismanagement. Malfeasance. Misconduct. Neglect. Wastefulness. Lies. Fraud. Abuse. Stupidity. Avarice.Humiliation. Defamation. Intimidation. Lies. Cronyism. Embarrassment. Harassment. Chaos. Tumult, Murkiness, Uncertainty. Lies. Deceit. Lawlessness. Abnormality. Shame. Conflict. Manipulation. Exploitation. Lies. Bungling. Uncertainty. Doubt. Absurdity. Greed. Distortion. Coercion. Lies. It would be wholly unfair to say that any one of these words describe Martin's administration over the past nearly-four, dreadful years. Why? Because absolutely all of them do. It has been a total disgrace.

That is why we see Sunday, July 27 as a banner day. So, why? Because that is Day 99 in the countdown to when the malevolent and mismanaging Martin must face the voters again. The voters will have the opportunity to correct the embarrassing mistake they made in November, 2010.

TIme is running out.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

One-Trick Pony?

The Martin Chronicles is perfectly content with its role as Villa Hills' "Dark Knight". We'd rather have Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin's supporters taking cheap shots at us. That diverts the Martin supporters away from taking their usual cheap shots at those who are running against the tiny tyrant to restore some sense of sanity in Villa Hills City government.

Interestingly, when we're accused of "bashing", it is actually the accusers who are "playing politics". Let's face it. Politics at all levels is-by its very nature-partisan. The term "bashing" is frequently used to cast negative aspersions on critics for-you guessed it-"political" gain. It's enough to make your head spin, isn't it?

We fully admit that we are very critical of the misdirecting Martin. We have a natural dislike for government corruption and incompetence-the cornerstones of Martin's nearly-four dreadful years in the mayor's office. Any fair-minded person must admit that there has been far too much waste, far too much turmoil and far too much embarrassment. Almost all of it has been unnecessary. In fact, a great deal of it has been intentionally manufactured by the mendacious Martin and his cronies.

One might think that local politics-especially in a small town like Villa Hills-would be exempt from the ugliness of politics at the state and national level. That's not the case in Villa Hills, however. That could be why some folks derisively refer to the town as "Vitriol Hills".

The origins of the ugliness date back before Martin. The innuendoes, whispering campaigns and below-the-belt cheap shot-style politics actually began-and were authored by-Mary Koenig during her first go-around on City Council in the 1990's. The mean-spirited Martin-and others-have simply strongly embraced Koenig's philosophy and perfected it to "high-or better put, low-art".  

In a twisted way, it makes sense for Martin to conduct himself in such a nasty manner. Why? Because he actually can't tell the truth. Because the truth in Martin's case is not good.

So, why shouldn't the mallet-headed Martin try to divert attention away from his own dishonesty, shortcomings and abject failures by slinging mud at other people? It worked for him in 2010 and 2012. Besides...

It's all Martin's got.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Martin Could Not Be Reached For Comment"

The Martin Chronicles has been receiving a flood of phone calls and emails sparked by the recent article posted on entitled, "Candidates: Villa Hills Deserves Better". This seemingly innocent news item has sparked a massive amount of speculation.

Why? Simply because Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Martin could not be reached to confirm whether or not he intends to run for re-election in the fall. And as the saying goes, "nature abhors a vacuum". This particular vacuum is being filled by rumors about Martin's intentions.

Many speculate that Irvin Callery's announcement to run is a sign that Martin will not. Why? Because Martin believes Callery will continue his agenda (whatever the hell that is). People are connecting Callery to Mary Koenig, Martin's personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry, City Clerk/City Administrator Craigory Bohman and the new police chief who served as a Covington Police Captain when Callery was mayor of that City.

The theory continues that Koenig has convinced Martin to bow out. How? By assuring the tiny tyrant that he will continue to have a prominent place at the table in Koenig's "Star Chamber". Wouldn't that be great?

But, the Martin Chronicles is not yet prepared to assign all of that nasty baggage to Callery. The theory certainly makes sense in a circumstantial way. But-until we do some investigating-we will continue to consider the theory "circumstantial".

We still believe Martin intends to dupe the voters again on November 4.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"This Is No Way To Run A City"

The Martin Chronicles suggests our readers check out the online article on entitled "Candidates: Villa Hills Deserves Better". The candidates are Ernie Brown and Irvin Callery. Both men have announced they are challenging Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin in the fall.

Hopefully, the misdirecting Martin will not get re-elected because of the now-watered down anti-incompetence and anti-corruption vote. Imagine Martin running the City for another four dreadful years after being re-elected with, say, 34% of the vote?

The best line in the article regards one of Martin's opponents' epiphany about the tiny tyrant's vendetta against the local police department. The epiphany? "This is no way to run a City."

No $#!+, Sherlock.

Monday, July 21, 2014

"I Only Get Paid $200 A Month."

The Martin Chronicles wants you to think back to a little less than four months ago. Do you remember the kangaroo court Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin orchestrated in late March. The show trial that was designed to publicly humiliate then-Police Chief Dan Goodenough and then fire him. This after Martin told the residents that Goodenough was "just taking a few days off."

Martin made another disgraceful statement during that hateful hearing when he was on the witness stand. Local voters should remember that statement when they go to the polls in November.

The mallet-headed Martin was being questioned by Goodenough's attorney and admitted that he had never once had a sit down meeting with the former Chief to discuss his trumped-up concerns. The mealy-mouthed Martin bitterly complained that he was "too busy" and "I only get paid $200 a month" as mayor.

That's an outrageous statement. So, Martin didn't have time to sit down to discuss his grievances with Goodenough because he only gets paid $200 a month? Goodenough successfully served under four previous mayors. Didn't he deserve the courtesy of a face-to-face meeting before the show trial? Not in Martinville.

The voters should remember that Martin asked for the job in 2010. They gave it to him, after all. Didn't Martin know how much the job paid? Of course he did.

Some Martin defenders say that Martin didn't fire Goodenough. They say Goodenough retired. True enough. But why?

Martin has clearly demonstrated that he has no reluctance to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on lawyers and lawsuits. He could and would have bled Goodenough white. Even if council had voted against firing Goodenough, Martin would have jumped at the first opportunity to drag the police chief through the mud yet again.

Voters need to free up some of Martin's time on November 4.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: "Fixing" The Lack Of Trust

The Martin Chronicles wonders if you realize that Villa Hills malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin has been the self-proclaimed "CEO" now for 1,298 dreadful days. That is 8,986 days in dog years. Even at that, the diminutive dictator has told enough lies to last 100 years. Even if you want to measure them in the legendary dog years.

But, the sands of the hour glass are quickly running down. It's now barely more than 100 (human) days until the misdirecting Martin has to face the voters again. Now the addled administrator has a ruinous record for voters to evaluate. Sure, he'll do everything he can to distract people away from the reality of his failed administration by slinging mud in every direction. But his ruinous records is there.

A new mayor will have major problems to face if the mallet-headed Martin is defeated in November. A new mayor will have to work extremely hard to restore trust in Villa Hills City Government. It will be a Herculean task.

Why? Because Martin has refined the fine art of deception. Just look at his track record. 
  • Martin promised voters he would repeal the UNFAIR $40 PER CAR STICKER TAX during his dirtbag 2010 mayoral campaign. At last check, residents continue to pay that tax.
  • Martin promised voters in 2010 that he had no plan to disband the local police department to outsource coverage to another entity. His long-standing plan to do exactly that was inadvertently revealed two years later.
  • Martin promised voters in 2010 that he would encourage a good working relationship with the local police department despite the fact that he was suing its leadership-and the residents-for $1.505 MILLION. So what has happened? Martin used his wife Janet and his sister Cindy to file open records requests to dig dirt on police department leadership-and a minor boy. Martin constantly encouraged local police officers to produce evidence of wrongdoing by the department's leadership. The addled administrator's horrible treatment of the local police department has triggered several costly-to-the-taxpayer lawsuits, brought great embarrassment to the City in at least two public spectacles and he has run off all but two of the police officers he inherited.
  • Martin promised the voters in 2010 that he would "restore truth and integrity to the mayor's office". We're pretty sure truth and integrity were already in the mayor's office. But that matter is for another post. In any event, Martin's official behavior has been so egregious that he received a confidential reprimand from the Villa Hills Ethics Board, a dressing down by a judge from her bench and CONVICTIONS ON SEVEN OF NINE COUNTS OF OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT AND NEGLECT OF DUTY.
  • Martin persistently prattles on that he is some kind of "budget hawk" despite the fact that he has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary employee overtime, begged for a budget amendment to cover his wasteful spending every budget year, pays $47.50 per taxpayer-funded hour to a personal friend to tangle up the City financial records, approved the spending of thousands of taxpayer dollars for playground equipment in a park nobody uses and led the waste of nearly $500,000 for lawyers and legal actions, including the efforts of his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kearns).
  • Martin assured the previous City Council that he adequately represented the City's concerns about a new residential development when he spoke with NKAPC "President Paul DePaul". There is a problem with Martin's "promise". "President Paul DePaul" doesn't exist.
  • Martin handed the previous City Council a document that he claimed reflected all of the documents he had illegally burned in January,2012. It was soon after proven beyond any doubt that Martin destroyed many more records most likely to cover his backside in some of the lawsuits he has triggered.
  • Martin promised the voters that all he needed was a new City Council in 2012 to restore what his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kearns) described as "normalcy and lawfulness". People who have been paying attention have seen what has happened since an entirely new, supplicant council was sworn in for 2013.
  • Martin was seemingly "blessed" by the gods of the crazy, hillbilly lunatic Branch Norwoodians when inattentive voters surrounded the miniature mullah with the likes of vile, ancient crocodile Mary Koenig, the addle-minded Holly B. Menninger-Isenhour and the chemically-driven Brian R. Wischer in November, 2012. But the turmoil continues.
  • Martin assured the TV cameras that now-screwed, former Police Chief Dan Goodenough was "just taking a few days off" a few months ago. That lie was told after Martin and his personal-and now City-Attorney Toad V. McMurtry (of Gerner & Kerns) had delivered an deadly ultimatum to Goodenough. Is this what that nitwit meant when she proclaimed that "this mayor does great things for people"? We guess it must be.
  • Martin recently brazenly tried to grab complete, unchecked control over $3 MILLION OF TAXPAYER MONEY by telling reporters that "48 of the 52 City budgets have been 'bottom line' budgets" Despite Martin's whopper, his normally supplicant City Council unanimously refused to play along
This is just a small sampling of Martin's endless lies. We believe this is why a chunk of Villa Hills residents have decided to just forget about it. They are trying to pay their bills, raise their children, cut their grass, enjoy an occasional mini-vacation and hope that everything somehow works out.

But there's only one way everything will work out. There has to be a massive effort to wake November 4 voters out of their state of denial. Martin has to be sent to the dustbin of history or the City will simply have to muddle through more of the mayhem, mendacity and madness. Yes, Martin must be sent away.

Then the real work can begin.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

WEEKENDER III: "Fixing" The Road Problem

The Martin Chronicles is continuing to drill down. We are examining the ways that the many, many problems created in Villa Hills City Government by the dreadful mismanagement of current malfeasant Mayor Mike Martin can be "fixed". Let's spend some time on the road issue.

First, let's look at the City's taxpayer-funded $3 million-plus annual budget. Despite the mendacious Martin's well-documented 2010 lies, there simply isn't enough money available in that current amount to completely fund a street repair and replacement program. It's nothing more than basic math.

But-despite the fact that some seem oddly uneasy about discussing it-if the malevolent Martin hadn't squandered somewhere in the neighborhood of a half million dollars on lawyers and legal fees on his personal vendetta against the police, there certainly could have been a great deal more road work completed. Again, it's nothing more than basic math.

Some also take solace in blaming previous administrations for the problem, But it matters not that previous City leaders didn't begin building a road fund "twenty years ago". The problem exists now. It can either be addressed now or-as is happening currently-ignored now.

So, what will a new mayor and council have to do? They are going to face the unenviable task of asking the taxpayers to pay more for road funding. Why "unenviable"? That's easy. Everybody dislikes taxes. And they despise tax increases. But, if more road work is to be done, more revenue is required to fund it.

How can they do it? Hopefully. they won't use the sneaky approach the misdirecting Martin and his mostly-compliant new council has used. Martin walked away from his 2010 "solemn promise" to repeal the UNFAIR $40 PER CAR STICKER TAX and convinced enough on council to raise the insurance premium tax by fifty percent. Even still, any real road repair and replacement program remains in mothballs.

If a new mayor and council decides to ask the voters to support a tax increase on themselves, they had better be ready to thoroughly explain and campaign for it. A half-hearted and deceptive effort like the one put forth by the tiny tyrant and council members like Jim Noll in 2011 will not work.

There is also the universally unpopular method of assessing residents for the repair of their streets. Former council person Mike Pope floated that trial balloon a few times and each time it was quickly shot down in flames. We suppose that the idea may have to be re-visited.

All of these points are moot if Martin is re-elected on November 4. He has proven himself utterly incapable of managing anything other than his own personal vendettas.

We'll know in 103 days.