Sunday, March 22, 2015

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: Lies Have "Short Legs"

The Martin Chronicles beloved publisher had a Saturday meeting with the reporters who are still compiling the final confirmations for the still-embargoed story that will shock-and cost-the taxpayers of Villa Hills, Kentucky. Rest assured, others will pay dearly as well.

So, our beloved publisher was in a reflective mood. He reminded the gathered reporters of something his favorite editor advised him when he was a young investigative reporter. The editor said, "Remember, LIES are like filthy rodents that have very short legs. If you keep chasing these filthy rodents, you will eventually catch them. Just don't quit".

That old editor was pretty darn smart. And, exactly right. His expression goes a long way to explaining how an oddly vain, ridiculous little man who once beat his chest and proclaimed, "I'm the CEO. It's MY decision. Get over it. We're moving on" suffered an historic, embarrassing defeat in last November's election.

That oddly vain, ridiculous little man was pathetically pummeled by the voters. Mostly for his endless stream of colossal LIES.

That oddly vain, ridiculous little man was cut down more than a few embarrassing notches. He was no longer "the CEO" after November 4. 2014. The voters turned this oddly vain, ridiculous little man in to "Mister 18%". Very few people deserved such a humiliating comeuppance more than this oddly vain, ridiculous little man. As many in Villa Hills now say, "What a crook".

There were three primary culprits responsible for the embarrassment Villa Hills suffered from January 1, 2011 until December 31, 2014-with a host of lesser cronies and feckless fools tagging along for the taxpayer-funded, lucrative ride. The oddly vain, ridiculous little man is gone. So is his very-costly to the taxpayers, chief advisor. Only his nasty hatchet man remains. We'll see what happens to him.

In the meantime, we will continue to chase those short-legged, filthy rodents.

Friday, March 20, 2015

WEEKENDER II: More Costly Questions To Answer

The Martin Chronicles can tell by its huge spike in readership that our audience is hot on the trail to uncover the identity of the individual we wrote about yesterday. Because many of our readers are very bright, we are quite convinced that they have already identified the person in question.

We now want to ask some serious questions-the answers to which could prove very costly to the taxpayers of Villa Hills.

1. In Kentucky, who has the statutory power to enter a municipality in to an agreement with another party?

2. In Kentucky, if that person with the statutory power to enter a municipality in to an agreement that approves the payment of specified sum of money to a third party signs that agreement, isn't the municipality obligated to live up to the terms of that aforementioned agreement?  

3. Does the fact that the person who had the statutory power to enter a municipality in to an agreement that approves the payment of a specified sum of money to a third party was resoundingly defeated in their recent, dishonest bid for re-election somehow free the taxpayers of that municipality from the commitment that was made?

4. Does the fact that the insurance company who represents the municipality informed the governing body that it is greatly limiting its financial exposure in the settlement of the agreement because the amount of money owed to the third party was the result of cynical, "intentional acts" perpetrated by the person who had the statutory power to enter that municipality in to that agreement represent a huge financial exposure to the taxpayers of that municipality?

Yes, we know these questions require some digging to answer. But, if you are a taxpayer of Villa Hills you should want to know the answers to these questions.

Because the answers could cost you a great deal of money.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

WEEKENDER: Follow The Money

The Martin Chronicles is about to let loose the dogs of war. We are almost ready to reveal the embargoed story that will reveal the powder keg that the taxpayers have been sitting on since January 1, 2011. It won't be pretty. But, it will be very costly. You will learn the identity of all the miscreants who are responsible for this fiscal disaster.

We have some homework for our readers to do in the meantime. The Martin Chronicles is going to ask you to get on Al Gore's internet and do some searching. Why, because we have some serious questions for you that we will not answer.

1. Who is the person-who certainly should know better-who cost the taxpayers of Villa Hills a sizeable fortune giving questionable advice to a hideously corrupt former mayor?

2. Who is the person-who certainly should know better-who cost the taxpayers of Park Hills a sizeable fortune giving questionable advice to a hideously corrupt former mayor?

3. Who is the person-who should certainly know better-who is deeply embroiled in the turmoil of new mayor Tyler Herpes Erlanger?

4. Who is the person-who should certainly know better-who is unnecessarily draining hard-earned money out of a group of naïve people who are opposing the opening of a new Kroger store in Union?

We will give you one hint to figure out the identity of just one of those miserable miscreants. Why? Because The Martin Chronicles loves its huge audience.

"The answer to all four questions is the same".

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bitter(sweet) Irony

The Martin Chronicles welcomed some distinguished guests to its palatial offices today. These "plugged-in" people came in checking on the status of the still-embargoed story about the final, costly bill that will be paid by the taxpayers (and others). 

When that bill is paid, there is hope that the once-embattled city can begin to finally close the books on the last four years of-how did The Kentucky Enquirer put it very recently?-"scandals and lawsuits" served up by the corrupt and incompetent Mister 18%.

The discussion quickly turned to that aforementioned article in The Kentucky Enquirer. Here is how some of the at discussion went (interspersed with very heavy doses of laughter):

"Can you imagine? In an odd way, the little fella was right about the Villa Hills Civil Service ordinance. But for all the wrong reasons. That has got to be absolutely killing him."

"Especially since he got annihilated in last November's election!"

"But remember, the ordinance was rushed through only because the majority of council knew (name withheld-to protect his identity we'll call him Mister 18%) mostly wanted to be mayor to get revenge against all of the people he incorrectly blamed for his judicially-justified forgery arrest. What was the name of that dope on council who opposed the ordinance? I can't remember that dope's name, dang it."

"Who cares who that dope was?"

"How can (name withheld-to protect his identity we'll call him Mister 18%) feel when The Kentucky Enquirer described only his four horrible years in the mayor's office mismanaging and ripping off the city as ones filled with 'scandals and lawsuits'?"

"(Name withheld-to protect his identity we'll call him Mister 18%) was 'moving the city forward'? If that wasn't so (EXPLETIVE) sick it would be hilarious!"

"Good luck finding too many people who will say they proudly cast a vote for (name withheld-to protect his identity we'll call him Mister 18%) In fact, I've heard a bunch of people are actually apologizing for ever believing one (EXPLETIVE) thing he ever said. How bad is that?"

"What a joke!"

"You know (name withheld to protect his identity we'll call him Mister 18%) is already planning his latest comeback. This lunatic is convinced the voters will elect him to council next year and then return him to the mayor's office in 2018!"

"Like you said, 'lunatic'!"

This is far from over.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: At Best, Very Poor Judgment

The Martin Chronicles wonders what the current-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa -Hills-City Administrator/City Clerk can possibly be thinking. Sure, we live in a free country. But the vast majority of reasonable people generally exercise better judgment when they should surely know that they are skating on very thin ice with their employer. 

So, why is the current-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa-Hills-City Administrator/City Clerk continuing to use a well-known unlicensed handyman (we'll call the unlicensed handyman "Mister 18%") to do "home improvement" work? It doesn't make good sense. What in the wide, wide world of sports going on?

Perhaps the happily-oblivious, newly-elected, septuagenarian mayor of Villa Hills is simply blissfully ignorant. Maybe the new City Council is unaware of the ongoing connection between the-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa-Hills-City Administrator/City Clerk's ongoing connection with Mister 18%. Could it be that Mister 18% is just fixing his typical, "shoddy-at-best" screw-ups he made at the-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa-Hills-home? We don't know.

The Martin Chronicles has not formed an opinion about the ongoing connection between the-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa-Hills-City Administrator/City Clerk and Mister 18% just yet. But, many Villa Hills' residents who have had more than enough of Mister 18%'s four miserable years of incompetence and corruption have drawn their own conclusions.

These residents are absolutely convinced that the-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa-Hills-City Administrator/City Clerk is inappropriately funneling sensitive information that has been gleaned from his presence in executive sessions to Mister 18%. Why? Because these residents know that both the-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa-Hills-City Administrator/City Clerk and Mister 18% have a great deal to lose in pending lawsuits against the City of Villa Hills.

Is that possible? Anything is possible. Especially when you are still dealing with a dishonest miscreant like Mister 18% and the inexplicable fools he somehow brought in to his corrupt orbit.

The happily-oblivious, newly-elected, septuagenarian mayor could easily solve this problem. How? He could finish the house-cleaning job the voters elected him to do. Mister 18% is gone(at least for now). The former City Attorney is gone(now wreaking expensive havoc in other cities). It is also well past time for the-highly-overpaid-by-the-taxpayers-of-Villa-Hills-City Administrator/City Clerk to be moved into that same, aforementioned, "gone" category.

Seriously. Think about it for just a moment. The current happily-oblivious, newly-elected, septuagenarian mayor is retired. What the hell else does he have going on? He asked for the job, after all. Besides, this happily-oblivious, newly-elected, septuagenarian mayor once ran the beautiful City of Covington. Couldn't he handle the day-to-day operations of the much smaller city of Villa Hills he was elected to lead last October? Sure he could.

So, why are the taxpayers of Villa Hills paying a vastly overpaid City Administrator/City Clerk to do a job that the current happily-oblivious, newly-elected, septuagenarian mayor could do with ease? And why isn't the current City Council insisting on making that very obvious move?

Your guess is as good as ours.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Truth Is Out There

The Martin Chronicles thanks all of its loyal audience for the continued queries about our "next post". Rest assured, we are hard at work on a still-embargoed story about a major injustice perpetrated by Villa Hills' previous administration that still needs to be resolved. In point of fact, that resolution is long overdue.

We have learned that a recent judicial ruling creates the very real possibility that at least some of the perpetrators of that injustice may finally be forced to face harsh questioning while under oath. If any of these perpetrators actually decide not to lie under oath, the residents of Villa Hills will finally hear confirmation about the shocking, vendetta-driven conspiracy that led to the bilking of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars out of the City treasury.

The Martin Chronicles understands that Villa Hills' new administration would like nothing better than to put the last four "vile and disgusting" years in the town's rear view mirror. But, this new administration should be mindful of that age old warning, "Objects In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear".

You see, the "brain trust" of those past four "vile and disgusting" years has no plans to do the right thing and simply go away. Quite the opposite. Instead, these villains are actively planning yet another undeserved comeback. A mega-dose of the truth is in order to finally put these crooks in the dustbin of history-where they most certainly belong-once and for all.

Please let the aggrieved have their "day in court". Let the story play out. Let the residents of the City who elected a vengeful, little liar in 2010 finally see the very ugly truth. 

First, the truth should be revealed. Secondly, that truth may prevent the voters of Villa Hills from making a similar colossal mistake for many, many, many years.

More to come

Monday, February 23, 2015

Rules Are Still For Everybody Else

The Martin Chronicles continues to be grateful for all of our readers who continue to e-mail, call and text asking when our next post will be published. We all value our large, loyal audience. Thank you all. Even those of you who consider us "vile and disgusting".

While we're on the subject of "vile and disgusting", our vast network of sources provided us with a bit of news that no one who has been reading us for awhile will find shocking. Not surprisingly, a former mayor of Villa Hills-who only received an hilariously small 18% of the vote last November 4 in his dishonest, failed quest for re-election-evidently continues to believe "rules are for everybody else".

We are hearing that this erstwhile, evil emperor is back full bore in the unlicensed electrical business. In fact we have been told that Villa Hills' disgraced former mayor is doing unlicensed electrical work for a local contractor who also has no electrical license. In other words, the unlicensed electrical work the former mayor is doing is-to perhaps be far too polite-"improper".

For any remaining apologists who still feel compelled to explain away the asinine antics of the former mayor's 01-01-11 through 12-31-14 Reign of Error, its far past time to "deal with it". He was a lousy CEO. He made terrible, corrupt decisions. He was moved on by the finally-attentive voters. And, he continues to believe that the rules apply to everyone else but him.

There is no room for discussion on this topic. If someone is being paid to do electrical work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, State Law clearly mandates that this someone must have an electrical license to legally perform that work. There is no murkiness or nuance. It is either right or it is wrong. It is either good or it is bad. Black letter law. Plain and simple. Performing unlicensed electrical work is decidedly wrong.

Yes, The Martin Chronicles thinks this is very important. Why? Because the former, disgraced mayor of Villa Hills is already actively planning his next comeback. Solid sources confirm that he is telling anyone who will listen that he is "a lock" to be elected to city council in 2016 as a prelude to his triumphant return to the mayor's office on January 1, 2019. Don't kid yourself. History often repeats itself.

The voters of Villa Hills somehow have to remember that there is no room for a misguided mayor who oddly believes that the power he possesses somehow makes him exempt from the simple rules the rest of us must follow. If you don't believe that basic fact, the four year-long embarrassment from which Villa Hills just recently emerged should quickly bring you to your senses.

This is precisely why The Martin Chronicles isn't going anywhere.